Free Tow Truck Service Continues in Ankara

📩 16/08/2020 13:18

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to facilitate the lives of citizens with the new applications it has started. With 4 rescue vehicles on Eskişehir Road, İstanbul Road, Konya Road and Samsun Road, drivers are provided with free towing service in case of vehicle accidents and breakdowns.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement practices that facilitate the lives of citizens with the understanding of social municipality.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented the free towing service for drivers who travel to the capital city traffic on a daily basis, aims to prevent traffic congestion on 4 main boulevards due to vehicle breakdowns or accidents.


Tractors that the Directorate of Science Department maintains on Eskişehir Road, Istanbul Road, Konya Road and Samsun Road every weekday between 07.00-09.30, intervening immediately to drivers whose vehicles break down and have an accident.

In order to avoid traffic congestion and to prevent long-term waiting, drivers call Başkent 153 for a free tow truck service in case of vehicle accident and breakdown. Metropolitan teams take the vehicles that break down or have an accident to the industry together with the vehicle owner, taking into account the traffic safety.


The practice of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality that relieves drivers economically continues on 4 main arteries since June.

While the number of people benefiting from this service is increasing day by day, a citizen named Halil Demirhan, who is on the road due to the breakdown in his vehicle, expressed his satisfaction with the following words:

“My vehicle broke down on Samsun Road while I was going to work in the morning. Thank you, our municipality sent a free tow truck and opened the road and relieved the traffic. Mansur Yavaş, thank you very much to our President If there was no such service, I would have waited 1-2 hours for a tractor and I would be late for my job. "

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