There will be no place left in Eskişehir! Mines will be searched in 39 fields

Sadık Yurtman, President of Eskişehir Environmental Protection and Development Association, said that the General Directorate of Mining and Petroleum Affairs (MAPEG) will hold the tenders for mine exploration and operation in 68 regions of 766 cities, including Eskişehir. Yurtman stated that 3 fields will be studied in Eskişehir.

Yurtman, General Directorate of Mining and Petroleum Affairs (MAPEG) will hold the mine exploration and operation tender in 68 regions of our 766 cities, covering 39 areas of our city and 47.000 hectares of mine exploration and operation tender, including Eskişehir.

These fields, which the General Directorate opened for tender, are mainly IV. Group tenders, which cover mines such as Lignite, Hard Coal, Gold, Silver etc. within the scope of this tender, and include Eskişehir's Alpu, Beylikova, Mihallıççık, Sarıcakaya, Sivrihisar, Merkez, Mihalgazi. But it is concentrated in Alpu, Mihallıççık and Beylikova regions. This shows that the passion for Coal Power Plant, which is planned to be built in Alpu, has not been abandoned. This issue should not be overlooked.

It should not be overlooked that this mine exploration activity corresponds to 1392,5 percent of the Eskişehir area (%), which is 3,4 hectares. We are not against mineral exploration. We are in favor of conducting mineral exploration in accordance with its technique and using national resources without harming the environment and nature. Mineral exploration is exempt from the CED process. Tendering without a holistic environmental impact assessment is unlawful and disregarding environmental protection.

Moreover, these mineral exploration and operation licenses were granted to 118 foreign companies and 593 mine exploration and operation licenses.

In this process where we are experiencing the corona virus crisis and our many vital rights and opportunities are restricted, the steps towards the destruction of nature do not stop despite the fact that climate change, the destruction of nature and the deterioration of the ecosystem, which are the main causes of such crises.

Moreover, the epidemic is spreading rapidly by knowing an opportunity. Mining tenders were held for 286 different areas in last July and 18 different areas on June 2018, 616. It is known by the public that 6% of the 38,7 cities in the Eastern Black Sea region were reserved for mines with previous tenders, and 79% of the Kazdağları Region was licensed for mining.

As Eskişehir Environmental Protection and Development Association, we demand that the mining exploration and operation tenders be canceled as soon as possible.

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