Disinfection in Every Area from Buses to Parks in Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken measures to protect public health and reduce the spread of the epidemic since March, when the coronavirus process started, does not abandon the measures and continues its disinfection works, which it actively conducts throughout Mersin. Metropolitan teams, which continue to work in the new normal process that started in June, regularly disinfect all public areas throughout Mersin, as well as the buses that citizens use many times during the day.

Specially established disinfection teams disinfect every point

Specially established disinfection teams at the Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department and the Transportation Department regularly disinfect the public areas that citizens come into contact with and minimize the risk of epidemics.

Buses and stops are disinfected early in the morning

The disinfection teams of the Department of Transportation, which start disinfection operations in the early hours of the morning, disinfect all buses before and after each trip. The buses, which have a very large vehicle fleet and provide transportation services to many points including the plateaus, are disinfected in the early morning before departure and made ready in a sterile manner. Buses are re-disinfected after each trip, while hand disinfectant is available on the bus for the use of citizens.

Disinfection processes of common areas have been increased

Metropolitan teams, working in the name of public health with an intense work tempo from the beginning of the epidemic, disinfect the overpasses, benches, parks, walking and bicycle paths, children's playgrounds and ATMs, which are the areas used by citizens, especially in the central 4 districts. . The teams carrying out the same works in places of worship and bus stops with common use areas disinfect public institutions and organizations in line with the demands.

The disinfection teams, which instantly respond to the demands from the tradesmen, also sterilize the shops in the bazaar center where the citizens shop. Not forgetting the citizens who use the beaches, Büyükşehir also disinfects the sunbeds it organizes in the beaches within the framework of social distance rules.

KentBis also goes through the disinfection process

KentBis bikes of the Metropolitan Municipality are one of the most used means of transportation by the people of Mersin who flocked to the beaches since the moment the measures were softened with the new normalization process. KentBis, which is used by many citizens of all age groups for beach walks, is disinfected after each use and sterilized for the next user.

"We continue disinfection works with an intense pace for the health of the people of Mersin"

Disinfection and Disinfection Field Inspection Officer Bülent Gül stated that as the Directorate of Environmental Protection and Control Department, they have continued their disinfection works without interruption since the beginning of the pandemic process and said, “We carry out disinfection and pest control operations simultaneously with 405 personnel and 110 vehicles. Especially with the start of the pandemic process, we carry out disinfection works at many points such as cash machines, overpasses, bus stops, benches, sports areas, children's playgrounds and many more. In the new normalization process, as the Metropolitan Municipality, we have not let go of the precaution and we continue our work with an intense pace for the health of the people of Mersin as on the first day ”.

Metropolitan teams will continue disinfection works in all districts of the city, from Anamur to Tarsus, until the virus threat is completely eliminated.

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