Statement by TCDD about TULOMSAS Land

Statement from TCDD on TULOMSAS Land
Statement from TCDD on TULOMSAS Land

The news about TÜLOMSAŞ's 123-hectare land in Eskişehir and Utku Çakırözer's statement were denied by TCDD. In the statement made by TCDD 2nd Regional Directorate, the following statements were made:

It was deemed necessary by us to make corrections regarding the unreal information published in some press media with the content of "Opening a zoning change tender for the land of 123 hectares of TÜLOMSAŞ" and the statements of CHP Eskişehir Deputy Mr. Utku Çakırözer reflected in the press with false information.

A protocol was signed between Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD on 28.01.2014. Within the scope of the protocol, although it was decided that the 1/1000 scale implementation zoning plan of the area where the Eskişehir Station Basin is located, was made by the Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, it was not made by the Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality.

The construction of technical buildings, which are essential for security systems such as lighting, electrical power and ventilation of the station area and the closed section of the railway, has begun, but Tepebaşı Municipality has sealed our constructions due to the license works authorized by the district municipalities. As a justification, the absence of 1/1000 scaled zoning plans was shown.

Tepebaşı Municipality has asked us to make a 1/1000 scale zoning implementation plan. With the aforementioned tender, it is aimed to eliminate the problems experienced by making the Zoning Implementation Plan of the area numbered 1.234.373, parcel 980 with a surface area of ​​17 square meters located in Eskişehir Station field.

The station area, which is mentioned in the news and in the unfounded claims of Mr. Çakırözer, will not change the quality of the station area, where TÜLOMSAŞ's land is also located, and it will remain as a 'public service' area as in the current situation. TÜLOMSAŞ, which has been serving in the railway sector for years, where major investments have been made in our country after a long period, will provide greater services for the railway sector from now on.

The content of the news and allegations made without requesting any information from us and clearly intended to direct the public in a false, false and prejudiced manner, is in no way incompatible with the understanding of impartial journalism that has the responsibility of providing accurate and unbiased information. In addition, the statements of Mr. Çakırözer stating that the zoning change was made without informing Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality and Tepebaşı Municipality are unrealistic and distorting.

We remind the public that the Metropolitan Municipality, which demanded and did not make a change in the zoning plan, and Tepebaşı Municipality, which sealed our constructions, belong to the same party, and that this incident, which reveals information pollution, is a proof of the disconnection between the relevant municipalities and the relevant party's deputies. .

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  1. The chp's blocking of services and publishing fake news is a traitorous feature of the party. Let the state show its power for service.