2020 Raisin Purchase Price Announced

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli attended the 2020 Hazelnut Purchase Ceremony of Turkish Grain Board (TMO) in Giresun and made statements regarding the hazelnut purchase. Pakdemirli also participated in the Opening of 2020-2021 Season and the Traditional First Seedless Raisins Ceremony in Manisa Sultani Seedless Grape with a live connection in the program and announced the grape purchase prices.

The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, who started his speech by wishing God's mercy to our soldiers who died due to the flood disaster in Giresun and our citizens who lost their lives, and to their relatives, Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli I hope we will heal the wounds of our citizens very quickly. For this, we mobilized the means of our Ministry to the region, ”he said.


Today, the Minister stressed that Turkey comes to mind first World nuts Pakdemirli continued as follows:

"The mention of hazelnuts in Turkey, the Black Sea and the clear Giresun income. Hazelnut is our strategic product. We own 76% of the world's hazelnut areas. The hazelnut that we produce on 734 thousand hectares has been an income source for 612 thousand families. the world leader in hazelnut production in Turkey, 70% of its production, while 76% of exports alone to make. Hazelnut is the number one product of our country's agricultural exports today. We export 80% of the hazelnuts we produce. This is a pride for us. 12% of our agricultural export income comes from hazelnuts. We export an average of 100 thousand tons of kernels per year to more than 250 countries. We have achieved a 1% increase in export unit prices in the last 16 year. The hazelnut export price, which was $ 5,80 per kilogram last year, rose to $ 6,72 as of today. With this increase, an additional contribution of 335 million dollars was made from the 300 thousand tons of hazelnuts exported. 50 million dollars of this additional increase in exports contributed directly to the economy of Giresun, craftsmen of Giresun, and citizens of Giresun. Hazelnut export revenue reached 2 billion dollars. I hope we will continue to break records in hazelnut exports.

Pakdemirli stated that Karadeniz grows the best quality hazelnuts in the world with its quality, taste and oil content. Giresun and the Levant come to mind when talking about hazelnuts. Of our 116 thousand farmers in Giresun, approximately 73%, or 85 thousand, produce hazelnuts. We are working hard to increase production and turn it into added value, ”he said.


Minister Pakdemirli stated that they follow the hazelnut production and the markets daily and that they take all measures that will not make the producer suffer and increase the income. ”In 2019, we announced the hazelnut purchase price for the first time in the history of the Republic, when the hazel was in the branch. Last year, we bought hazelnuts from 16,5-17 Lira per kilogram by TMO. The prices we have declared; It was welcomed by producers, producer organizations, relevant NGOs, that is, by all segments. It also contributed greatly to the continuity of production and the correct formation of the markets. The prices of hazelnuts, which tended to decrease during the harvest period, recovered rapidly and remained around 18-20 Lira during the season. Thus, with an increase of 3-4 Lira per kg, an extra income of at least 2 billion Lira was provided to the pockets of our hazelnut producers and the Black Sea economy.

Hazelnut prices for 2020 were announced by our President on July 27, before the harvest. Through TMO; We buy Giresun quality hazelnuts from 22,5 Lira, Levant quality hazelnuts from 22 Lira, and pointed quality hazelnuts from 21 Lira. Again, with the yield and the support of our Ministry, the purchase price of Giresun quality hazelnuts increased to 25,5 lira per kilogram. Thus, we have achieved an average increase of 1% in the hazelnut purchase price in the last 33 year and 55% in the last two years and we made the producers smile once again ”.


Minister Pakdemirli said that the producers started to make an appointment as of August 19 and started to sell their products to TMO as of August 24, and continued as follows:

“I want to give the good news of this here. Payments will be made in cash for delivery to the licensed warehouse and within 10 days for deliveries to other purchase points. However, we will transfer the prices of hazelnuts delivered since Monday, when the purchases started, to our producers' accounts on Friday without waiting 10 days.

Since 2006, when TMO was given the task of purchasing hazelnuts, we have purchased hazelnuts worth 6 billion TL from our Black Sea producers. In Giresun, we purchased a total of 3 thousand tons of shelled hazelnuts in the last 30 years and paid 400 million Lira to producers.


Later, Minister Pakdemirli, who was connected to Manisa to explain the purchase price of seedless raisin with a live connection, “We were going to make the Grape Purchase Price Announcement Program with you face to face. Due to the flood disaster that occurred in Giresun, we did not leave our Giresunlu brothers alone to heal the wounds of the disaster as soon as possible. I know very well that my Manisa fellow citizens are always with our Giresun brothers with their prayers ”.

Emphasizing that our country is a brand in the world for raisins as it is for hazelnuts, Minister Pakdemirli said, “We rank 5th in the world in terms of vineyard area and 6th in the world in terms of average grape production. And most importantly; We are in the 1st rank in raisin export in the world. Such that, yields above the average are obtained from many agricultural products produced on an agricultural area of ​​approximately 5,1 million decares in Manisa. In 2019, our total grape production in Manisa is 1 million 546 thousand tons. Manisa produces 85% of dried grapes and 20% of table grapes in Turkey. Therefore, almost all of our country's export of seedless raisins takes place from Manisa. An average of 250 thousand tons of grapes are exported annually from Manisa, and thus, 500 million dollars income for our country's economy. kazanis being raised. This is an indication that the world's best quality grapes are grown in these lands. In addition, Manisa is a city that has succeeded in turning grapes into a value-added product. In 2019, we exported approximately 672 million Dollars of grapes, both table and dried. In other words, about 4% of agricultural exports come from grapes.


According to the studies conducted by the Grape Yield Estimation Commissions, the seedless raisin harvest in 2020; Stating that they foresee 12 thousand tons with a 271% decrease compared to last year, Pakdemirli said, “Last year, we stated that we would intervene if the prices of raisins fell below 10 Liras. As a matter of fact, with the decrease in prices, we announced the purchase price of TMO raisins for number 9, 10 TL per kilogram and started purchasing. The prices we have declared; It was welcomed by our producers and all segments. In addition, this purchase price as in hazelnuts; It also contributed greatly to the continuity of production and the correct formation of the markets ”.


Underlining that the Turkish Grain Board is assigned with the purchase of raisins, Minister Pakdemirli said, “As a result of our detailed evaluation on production, market and all other factors, I share with you our news that will please our grape producers this year as well. We announce the purchase price of TMO raisins for 2020 as 9 Lira per kilogram for number 12,5. In TARIS, he will buy at TMO prices. A protocol was signed to ensure coordination and cooperation between TMO and TARİŞ in raisin purchases. TMO made a statement that the purchases will start from 7 September ”.

Stating that he hopes that at least 50 thousand tons of products will be purchased by TMO, Minister Pakdemirli said, “Good luck to all our grape producers, our country. I would like to point out the following to all segments in particular. We are determined not to lower the raisin market below these prices we have announced. And we will use any necessary arguments for this. As I always say, we will never victimize our producers ”.


Emphasizing that he has a good news for producers and farmers, Minister Pakdemirli said, “As of 28:2020 on Friday, August 18.00, 11 - that is, tomorrow - we will invest an agricultural support payment of 86 million 464 thousand Lira in XNUMX items into the accounts of our valuable producers.

Within the scope of support payment;

  • As the support of Good Agricultural Practices; 44 million 888 thousand Lira,
  • Within the scope of Organic Agriculture support; 19 million 384 thousand 800 Lira,
  • 1 million 361 thousand Lira as Soil Analysis Support,
  • Within the scope of Diesel and Fertilizer Support; 255 thousand Lira,
  • 1 million 445 thousand Lira as Forage Crops Support,
  • Within the scope of Uzman Eller Animal Husbandry Project Support;
  • 11 million 1 thousand lira for our 100 eligible citizens,
  • Within the scope of Domestic Certified Seed Use Support; 73 thousand Lira, / 18
  • 4 million 536 thousand Lira as Support for Dane Corn Difference Payment,
  • Within the scope of Grain-Legume Difference Payment Support; 11 million 210 thousand Lira,
  • Oilseed Plants 903 thousand Lira as Difference Payment Support,
  • We will make a payment of 1 million 305 thousand Liras as Gene Resources Support.

Of the support payment of 86 million 464 thousand Lira that we will give in total; He concluded his words by saying “good luck, good luck and blessing to our producers and growers”.

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