Bozankaya Romania Appeals to Craiova Tram Supply Tender

tatra yung
Photo: Tatra-Yung

22 companies applied for the tender for the procurement of 25 low-floor tram vehicles with 27.7 modules of 3-17 meters for the city of Craiova in Romania, which will be delivered in 4 months. Financial offers of companies as a result of the relative evaluation made:

  • Tatra-Yug: 136.151.096,00 RON
  • Bozankaya: 146.640.000,00 RON
  • Pesa: 156.400.000,00 RON
  • Durmazlar: 165.843.500,00 RON

Technical points:

  • Tatra-Yug - 91.10
  • Bozankaya - 90.88
  • Pesa - 83.24
  • Durmazlar - 79.86

As the scoring is not according to the specification BozankayaThe Romanian contracting authority appealed to CNSC. If correction is made Bozankaya 94,28 points will take the leading position. BozankayaThe decision on objection will be announced within 47 days at the latest.

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