Bicycle Users from Izmir Will Board the Ferries with Symbolic Fee

Bicycle Users from Izmir Will Board the Ferries with Symbolic Fee
Bicycle Users from Izmir Will Board the Ferries with Symbolic Fee

Efforts are underway to increase the use of bicycles in İzmir. Bicycle users will be able to get on the ferries for a symbolic fee of 5 kuruş. In addition, a free towing service will be provided for vehicles that break down on high traffic arteries. These good news came from Eser Atak, Deputy Secretary General for Transportation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, who was a guest at Radio Traffic Izmir.

Radio Traffic, which has been keeping the pulse of Izmir transportation for about 2 years, has started a brand new program in Izmir. The first guest of the "Transportation in Izmir with IZUM" program was Eser Atak, Deputy Secretary General for Transportation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Atak, the live broadcast guest of Esra Balkanlı, gave good news about transportation. Stating that bicycle users will get on the ferries with a symbolic fee, Atak announced that they will provide free towing service as a municipality on some arteries. Eser Atak's agenda also included traffic regulations and public transportation investments.


Stating that the use of bicycles increased from 2 percent to 5 percent during the pandemic period, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General for Transportation Atak said that this result made them happy. He gave the good news that they will carry the passengers on the ferry with a symbolic fee, both to encourage the use of bicycles and to raise awareness. Atak reported that they will receive a fee of around 5 kurus from cyclists.


Vehicles that break down in traffic cause the traffic to become more intense, especially during rush hours. Eser Atak said “Defective vehicles are our trouble…” and explained that they are considering a solution for this as well. Noting that they will provide towing service as a municipality, Atak said, “It will be a service that will pull the defective vehicles to the closest point determined by the municipality. We will do this for free. We cannot provide free tow truck service everywhere, we think for Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, Yeşildere and Altınyol. " used the expressions.


Noting that they observed some differences in the transportation system during the pandemic period, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General for Transportation Eser Atak stated that the citizens of İzmir rightfully reduced the rate of public transportation. Atak shared important figures for changing transportation habits.

“At the beginning of March, a total of 1 million 800 thousand public transportation usage dropped to 277 thousand in April. The figure, which rose to 550 thousand in June, increased to 1 million per day in August. We have a loss of 30 percent compared to last year. We have seen that 43 percent of those who used public transportation before the pandemic did not change their usage habits. The rate of those who moved away from public transportation due to illness reached 55 percent. 21 percent of this segment is completely cut off from public transportation, half of them have started to use private vehicles. This means that one out of every 4 people who used public transportation before the pandemic started to use private vehicles. We found that approximately 125 thousand new vehicles participated in the traffic. We already feel this on our roads. We experienced October-November traffic in the July-August period. This is actually a disaster scenario for us ... "


Eser Atak, about the works to be done to ease the traffic; “Based on our research, we decided to take some physical measures. We will have point touches at some intersections. We also have studies aimed at creating alternative axes. Especially Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, Yeşildere and Altınyol are three very important axes for us. We are making plans to use these roads more efficiently. We have a quest to prevent the intensity of slowdowns due to knitting, especially at the participation points. We have reached the final stage and will be announcing them soon. " used the expressions.


Emphasizing that there are densities in Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard especially in the evening, Atak said that they will extend the shelter pockets a little more at the Karataş Junction, Göztepe Crossroad and Güzelyalı entrances, which are the problematic points they have identified. Stating that some arrangements will be made at the Marina Junction, Atak said, “There will be a comprehensive arrangement such as a direct transition to İnciraltı, their projects have been prepared. In Karabağlar, there are projects prepared on Yeşillik Caddesi, which is our responsibility.

We aim to relieve the traffic with small touches. We have a successful team working for arrangements such as turns, drop junctions, and "U" turns. Our work is completely scientific. " found in the description.


The "gradual working hours" application, which has come to the fore recently, was another issue Eser Atak emphasized:

“No matter how many precautions we take, we need to switch to a gradual working hour scheme. The working hours of the public and private sectors and the start and end times of the courses in the education sector should change. This allows both traffic relaxation and public transport congestion. Thus, the rate of public transport usage increases. It should be implemented not only for the pandemic, but as a measure in traffic. We wrote a letter to the Governorship for the regulation of gradual working hours. We will send another file, including the new research results. By providing flexibility in working hours, we will solve the problem that occurs when everyone is on the traffic at the same time. "


İzmir Metropolitan Municipality takes its steps accordingly, considering that the most important element of sustainable transportation is public transportation. Eser Atak, Deputy Secretary General for Transportation, mentioned that they made serious investments in public transportation. "Every investment you make in public transportation causes you to attract more private vehicles than traffic." “Narlıdere, Buca and Gaziemir-Karabağlar metro and Çiğli Tramway are our important transportation investments. We support our bus system. There were new buses joining our fleet, and there will be even more. We have investments in sea transportation. We want to use the bay more actively. " He used his words.


Stating that they will increase the number of ferry voyages, Eser Atak said, “We will switch to a new transportation system with the load-unload system in car ferries. Our work has reached the final stage. When people go to the pier, we want them to know that there is a ship waiting for him. We will increase the number of daily trips from 207 to 272. This will correspond to an 84 percent increase in ferry services. We will arrange a voyage every 15 minutes at the piers where passenger ferries are used extensively. We will reduce the flights every 45 minutes during the day to every 30 minutes. We will organize ring rides to some of the less used piers. " He completed his words with his statements.

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