Balloon Pleasure in Ankara! There will be no flight left in Keçiören

Balloon enjoyment in Ankara will not remain flying kecioren
Balloon enjoyment in Ankara will not remain flying kecioren

Keçiören Municipality, by signing another first in Ankara on the first day of Eid al-Adha, said "Are You Ready to Fly Ankara?" organized an event under the name. Speaking to the participants at the event, Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok said, “We are not only in terms of service but also on the air. The Republic Tower is also in the air, at a point that offers the possibility to set Estergon Castle in Ankara, and our cable car also provides the opportunity to travel on the route, which provides the opportunity to see many places in Ankara. Our new service, the hot air balloon, offers all the beauty of the earth and sky to our citizens. ”


The Municipality of Keçiören brought Ankara residents and Keçiören residents with a hot air balloon in the open area on the Fatih Avenue route. The event, which offers adrenaline enthusiasts the opportunity to watch Ankara and Keçiören from the air, made the first flight with the family of the Municipality of Keçiören Turgut Altınok. AK Party Keçiören District President Zafer Çoktan, as well as representatives of political parties and non-governmental organizations attended the event.

Mayor Altınok, who greeted the participating citizens at the entrance to the event area, congratulated the citizens' Kurban holiday in his speech at the podium. Altınok said, “I am asking my supreme Lord that the holiday of the Blessed Sacrifice brings goodness and beauty to the Islamic world and to all humanity. We are having a feast now with Kovidli (Kovid-19). Hopefully, both our nation and all humanity will be saved as soon as possible by showing the necessary care from this trouble.


In his speech, Altınok underlined that Keçören is a district known with firsts in terms of service and said: “When we build the cable car to our district, 'Is there a cable car in the city?' they said. But then many of our mayor in Turkey both in Ankara and the possibility that began to ski lifts. Thus, we have shown that the cable car is a need in the city, in the city. Tower is the tallest tower in the Republic of Turkey. Our Tower, the tower is the first municipality in Turkey with her own opportunities. We made the tender, if my Lord will, we will open it in 2021 and we will bring it to Keçiören, Ankara and our country. Atakule was built during the late Altınsoy period. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality was able to build this tower jointly with Vakıflar Bankası. Atakule will be 107 meters, and I hope Cumhuriyet Tower will be 186 meters. It will contain more places to visit than Atakule and it will be a magnificent work with more activities. On the top floor, we will have a space terrace and science center for our children. "


Stating that they have increased the variety of services for children and young people to have a pleasant time, Altınok continued his speech as follows:

“The future of nations and states are their children and youth. We continue to do whatever it takes to raise our children and youth. We have many projects. One of these is our 'Science Park' project. Children and young people not in Turkey for another project our 'Eco Park' project. We will improve our Theme Park in our district and bring it back to our city. We opened our survivor park, where children spend a lot of time. In addition, Sea World aquarium it began to serve as a first in Turkey. We brought new fish. We offer the opportunity to see the creatures both above and below the oceans and seas all over the world. The cable car and the Sea World are free during the holidays. We started the hot air balloon service. We will bring our Ankara and Keçiören to the balloon. This year we are investing 50 million sports. I would like to thank our President, Minister of Youth and Sports and President of the Spor Toto Organization. ”


Following the protocol speeches, President Altınok made the first flight with his family. A "Connected Flight" was carried out in a controlled manner with a balloon of 8 thousand cubic feet with a basket of 250 people. The balloon, which will serve in Keçiören for a month, will make its final flight on August 30.

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