Atatürk's White Wagon Removed

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The request to remove the white wagon, which was used by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on his domestic trips from 1926 to 1937 and which was exhibited at the entrance of İzmir Alsancak Station for 13 years, caused reactions. Upon the news that the wagon will be removed because of the adverse weather conditions, CHP Deputy Atilla Sertel made a motion to the chairmanship of the parliament. He asked whether measures could be taken where the wagon was located in order not to be affected by the weather conditions. ADD President Hüseyin Emre Altınışı said that they would not allow Atatürk to be forgotten.

According to the news of Latif Sansür from SÖZCÜ; ” The request to remove the specially equipped white wagon, which was built by a German company in 1926 to be used in the domestic trips of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, from the place where it was displayed for 13 years caused a reaction.

As the justification for the removal of the train from Alsancak Station in Izmir, it was stated that "the wagon will be moved to the special exhibition area in the closed platform number 1 in the station in order not to be adversely affected by bad weather conditions and to provide a healthier visit to the citizens".

Sertel: What is the Reason for Sudden Moving?

CHP Izmir Deputy Atilla Sertel, who gave a parliamentary question to the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu to answer, asked, "What is the reason why the white wagon exhibited in front of the Alsancak Station for 13 years is suddenly wanted to move".

Sertel asked the following questions to the minister, Karaismailoğlu, in his motion:

  • If the white wagon was affected by weather conditions, what was the reason for not taking action so far?
  • Does the ministry have the knowledge and permission of trying to remove the white wagon of our Ata, who has been standing in front of the station for years and is happy to be exhibited outside?
  • Will you have an attempt to discuss the issue with the Izmir public and seek solutions instead of moving the white wagon to a closed area?

ADD: We Will Not Forget Atatürk and His Works

Making a statement to the press about the removal of the white wagon, ADD President Hüseyin Emre Altınışık said, “The practices up to this day make us think the opposite of what was said about protection. They removed the Atatürk statue so that we would do maintenance in Rize and replaced it with tea glasses. In London, as in Paris, they can surround the building with glass plates. Thus, photographs can be taken from outside and inside and people can travel ”.

He said that they will not allow those who want to destroy Atatürk's work and make it forget.

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