Artificial Intelligence High Technology Donation From Local Technology Company For Social Distance Industry

Artificial intelligence high technology donation from a domestic technology company to the industry for social distance
Artificial intelligence high technology donation from a domestic technology company to the industry for social distance

Technology company Doruk and its volunteer engineers who support the project have started to donate the "social distance measurement and warning system ProManage KiT" to the industry for "social distance" and "controlled social life", which are on the agenda with coronavirus.

The concept of "social distance", which entered our lives with the coronavirus, is also of great importance for employees in all sectors. While long-term plans were made to regulate life according to social distance rules around the world, a support for employees in the industry came from the technology company Doruk. who built the digitization market production management in Turkey and intelligent production management system ProManage with industrialists Peak makes the digital conversion mentoring, ProManage kit in order to continue production while maintaining employee health (Controlled Human Trafficking) developed the social distance measurement and warning systems that give his name. Doruk, which provides employees with instant social distance control and reporting while continuing their operations, provides industrialists free of charge, thus enabling enterprises to take measures immediately by evaluating the risks in terms of employee health. In this context, Doruk, who also signed a campaign named “Keep Factories Open”, invites industrialists who want to get the ProManage KiT application, which it offers free of charge, to donate to foundations and health institutions that support the campaign. Doruk Board Member Aylin Tülay Özden stated that they signed this product by saying "Let Factories Stay Open" without the need for additional investment even in unexpected situations such as pandemics, and said that they aim to contribute to Turkish industrialists and industrial employees with ProManage KiT and to protect their employees' health with high-level technology. The ProManage KiT application, in which image processing technology with artificial intelligence is used, was completed and implemented by the collaborative work of the engineers of Doruk's offices in Teknopark Istanbul, Antalya Teknokent and İzmir DEPARK (Dokuz Eylül Teknoloji Geliştirme A.Ş.).

During the pandemic period, where most businesses continue to work remotely for a long time, industrial companies continue their activities in a controlled manner with great devotion. With its smart production management system ProManage, Doruk, a technology company that made industrialists more efficient and agile in their productions and managed to manage their costs and competitiveness by detecting and reducing their losses, now responds to one of the biggest needs of manufacturers in unexpected and challenging times with ProManage KiT.

Aylin Tülay Özden, Board Member of Doruk, who has digitized more than 300 factories worldwide with ProManage, the only intelligent production management system in the world that is fully integrated with IIoT, machine learning, image processing, augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies; “It is of great importance to protect the health of employees in enterprises and factories in the phase of 'controlled social life' announced by the Minister of Health, Mr. Fahrettin Koca, as the second phase of the fight against the pandemic. While taking a step into this new order, as Doruk, we wanted to contribute to the protection of the health of the employees and therefore the society by continuing production with our team of volunteers and the industrialists who contribute to the economy and employment and we have developed a very important product, ”he shared the following details: We believe that the only way for industrialists to be more competitive in global markets and grow sustainably is to digitize production and management systems. At this point, thanks to our social distance measurement and warning application ProManage KiT (Controlled Human Traffic), which has become very important with the coronavirus and is the most widely spoken social distance in public areas worldwide, factories will be able to stay open, their non-compliance can be monitored, their contact points can be detected digitally and a warning will be generated. Our related departments, especially our R&D unit, have meticulously worked on ProManage KiT by evaluating the demands of our business partners. With this technology, which is very important in terms of occupational health and safety, it will be possible to prevent social isolation that will affect our lives from now on, especially in the current period, from affecting work efficiency, and it will be possible for employees to work healthily in unexpected situations such as a pandemic. "

"We aim to support both industrialists and institutions that contribute to the society with our campaign Keep Factories Open"

Özden stated that they will provide ProManage KiT, which will enable businesses to take measures immediately by evaluating the risks thanks to the instant social distance control and reporting of employees while the activities of the factories are continuing, and they will provide them free of charge with donations to the institutions that contribute to the society and continued as follows: “ProManage, which we offer free of charge by Doruk Our valuable industrialists who want to obtain the KiT application can donate to foundations and health institutions that support our 'Keep Factories Open' campaign. This campaign, which we started, turns into a multi-layered support and solidarity campaign by enabling industrial organizations to donate to various foundations and health institutions that provide services and support to our people affected by the pandemic while acquiring the application. With the outbreak of the epidemic, we started to ask 'What benefit can we provide?' With this social distance solution, which is the answer to the question, we aim to support both Turkish industrialists and institutions that contribute to society. "

Instant tracking with artificial intelligence and image processing technology

Drawing attention to the use of artificial intelligence and image processing technologies in the ProManage KiT application, Özden said, “Thanks to the projection of social distance alerts created by processing live camera images, employees can instantly view their violations. Employees who approach each other beyond a safe social distance are detected, warnings are generated and reported. In addition to the location in question, the report includes the violation start and end times of the social distance. Within the scope of the application; Violation situations and alarms can be displayed, the operator can write notes by adding the names of the relevant persons to the record. In addition to the audible and two-color-coded light alarm system, no risk is overlooked thanks to e-mail, SMS or instant mobile notifications. In case of a suspicious situation, past warning records can be followed retrospectively, thus potentially affected ones can be identified instantly. The existing camera system in the facility and a computer to which the system is connected are sufficient for the enterprise to easily start the application without training, and past records can also be evaluated in the system that operates online or offline ”.

"We increase the efficiency of businesses with our technology that sees the future"

Aylin Tülay Özden, who shared details about ProManage, the only production management system in the world fully integrated with artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies, completed her words as follows. “With ProManage, we ensure that businesses can improve themselves continuously and automatically. Thanks to our ProManage artificial intelligence application, which makes sense of the ways and information within the company, the factories are transitioning to the infrastructure that predicts what will happen in the future, that is, the basis of the predictive algorithms. Thanks to our ProManage Mobile application, which is fully integrated with ProManage, which continuously shows the bottlenecks, weaknesses, development points of the enterprises and informs the business with warning messages and different ways to improve these gaps, managers and chiefs who have to work remotely can monitor the machines of the facility in real time, It becomes possible for their machines to reach the production performance, monitor parameters, see machine indicators and reports. As a company that has been developing groundbreaking technologies for 22 years to contribute to the development of Turkish industry, we will always continue to stand by our manufacturers under all circumstances. "

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