A New Unit Will Be Established For Orphans and Orphans

A new unit will be established for orphans and orphans
A new unit will be established for orphans and orphans

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, announced that a new unit will be established within the General Directorate of Child Services in order to provide better quality services to orphans. Minister of Selcuk, "the unit will be installed for the first time in Turkey, not only those institutions will develop policies to cover care of all our orphans and orphans." said.

Ministers Selcuk in Turkey and said that 25 million children are orphans, and that of their children 359.797's. Stating that a special importance has been given to the protection and development of orphans' rights throughout history, Selçuk stated that in addition to social awareness, legal regulations were also implemented in protecting them.

"Each Child Pays 1.023 TL"

Drawing attention to the fact that there are children who lose their mother and / or father every year due to natural disasters, war, traffic accidents and illnesses, Minister Selçuk said, “78.412 orphans and orphans in our country directly benefit from social services and social assistance from our Ministry. While the number of beneficiaries of our Ministry's Social and Economic Support Service for our children is 144.262; 14.923 of the child population in this service is orphans. We pay an average of 1.023 TL for each of our children. " said.

"57 Thousand Children Benefit From Orphans and Orphans"

Noting that 57.470 children benefit from the orphan program within the scope of the SED Program, Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk said, “We support every child from the orphans and orphans program.” he spoke.

"Our 17 thousand 612 children were Adopted"

Underlining that 14 of the 2.410 thousand children who are provided services in institutional care are children without one of their parents or parents, Selçuk said, “Those who have the conditions of adoption are adopted from the children who have lost their parents. Until today, we brought our 17.612 children together with the new family. We're expanding the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's wife Emine Erdogan, launched in lady's foster family services throughout Turkey patronage. 7.478 of our 1.086 children benefiting from this service are in the group of orphans. " gave his statements.

"A New Unit Will Be Established Under ÇHGM"

Giving the good news that a unit will be established within the General Directorate of Child Services for the first time, Selçuk said, “With the unit we will establish, we will have the opportunity to carry out and monitor the services to be provided to orphans and orphans in need and the activities of non-governmental organizations operating under this service in a more systematic and cooperative manner. In addition to identifying orphans in need in our country, it is an important necessity to protect and continuously improve orphans' rights at regional and international levels. In this sense, our preparations continue to establish a unit responsible for the planning, implementation and coordination of services for our orphans. " said.

"We Will Establish Mechanisms to Support Our Successful Orphans"

Minister Selçuk also said the following about some of the activities to be carried out in the upcoming days: “Our goal is to reach our orphans in need, support them psychosocially, and make use of the social service models and social assistance programs they need. We aim to develop mechanisms that will support and encourage their survival in the family environment, and to create policies and strategies to improve the rights of orphans at national and international levels. We plan to develop new social service models for our orphans and organize national and international activities, workshops, projects, congresses and campaigns for them. We strive to have access to our orphans, to establish units in 81 provinces, and to establish mechanisms that will support our successful orphans who are in economic deprivation. "

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