90% of Filyos Port Construction is Completed

Percent of Filyos port construction has been completed
Percent of Filyos port construction has been completed

AK Party Zonguldak Provincial Vice President Muammer Avcı shared about Filyos Port and Filyos Valley Project. 90 percent of the Filyos Port construction, which is an important pillar and beginning of the Filyos Valley Project, has been completed.

The sharing about the Filyos Valley Project is as follows; The primary condition for Zonguldak to become the main actor in the Filyos valley project, of which 90 percent of the port construction has been completed, is to quickly remove the transportation barriers between Zonguldak and Filyos. The distance between Zonguldak and Filyos is approximately 70 km over the existing divided road.

Transportation Project Details Between Kilimli-Filyos

Currently, on the way to work in the Mithatpaşa tunnels and coastal road project between Zonguldak and Kilimli, this part is approximately 6,5 km. It is anticipated that the production will be completed by the end of 2021.

On the other hand, the tunnels and divided road project between Kilimli-Filyos is ready for tender.

This project is 20 km long and there are 9 rows of tunnels (18 round-trip tubes and the total length of the tunnels is 12 km) and also divided roads with a total length of 8 km.

Project manufacturing cost is 2,5 Billion TL (2,5 Quadrillion).

This road is also an important passage route of the Black Sea Coastal Road Project, which starts from Artvin and extends to the 3rd bridge location through Istanbul-Şile.

The 20 km project between Kilimli and Filyos is currently at the tender stage. The aim here should be the concurrent completion of the project and the concurrent completion of the Filyos port construction. This will also contribute positively to the Employment demands of our Zonguldak.

The tender of this project can be carried out in two ways.

First, a strong company that has proven its competence undertakes the whole project or by dividing the project into 3 stages, For example; It can also be accomplished by completing the first phase on the Kilimli-Işıkveren axis and allowing high tonnage heavy vehicles to pass to power plants such as ÇATES and EREN energy without stopping the central traffic of our Kilimli district. And it continues with the next stages.

We know that recently, both Bartın and Karabük provinces have held meetings with the Filyos Valley project agenda and care about the impact it will have on their economy. Cennetmekân Abdulhamid-i Sâni hz. s of "Turkey's trade base," he wrote, 25 found Million tonnes capacity, 6 million square meter industrial zone, 4 million square meters of realized assignment as free zones, 3rd of our Turkey has the potential for major ports, when viewed at close to the Black Sea in the north-south axis, the transit This port will be the center, the first city of our Republic, which pioneered the industrialization of our country, to follow our Filyos Valley project, which will make Zonguldak the star city of the Black Sea again, to take ownership with our power, opposition, municipalities, TSOs, NGOs, media organizations, local entrepreneurs. It should be our top priority target. With the statement of our President Mr. R. Tayyip Erdoğan; In accordance with the vision "The better we come to a point in transportation investments, the more we will pave the way for the growth of our country and our region", we are fully confident that all of our citizens of Zonguldak will support this huge project that will make a significant contribution to the socio-economic structure and will provide reverse migration. (Pusulagazete a)


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