6th Leg Races of FIM World Motocross Championship Postponed to 2021

6th Leg Races of FIM World Motocross Championship Postponed to 2021
6th Leg Races of FIM World Motocross Championship Postponed to 2021

Presidential auspices on 5-6 September in Afyonkarahisar in the planned World Motocross Championship (MXGP) and Turkey Fest growing new type of coronavirus (Kovid 19) cases were canceled due was postponed to 2021.

Our Youth Sports Minister Mehmet Kasapoğlu, as a result of the negotiations with the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM), the 6th leg races of the FIM World Motocross Championship, which is planned to be held in Afyonkarahisar, were canceled within the scope of the ongoing new type of coronavirus (Kovid 19) epidemic measures. Mayor Mehmet Zeybek and on the subject of Turkey Motorcycle Federation Vice President Mahmut Nedim Akula held a press conference.


Noting that they made all kinds of preparations before the competitions, Mayor Zeybek said, “The environment where the race can be held has been prepared. But unfortunately, we had to postpone some organizations due to the coronavirus that swept the world. " said. To perform Racing expressing very uğraştıklarını President Zeybek, he said: "Unfortunately, in recent days after Eid Afyonkarahisar and a serious epidemic emerged in Turkey. During the organization, we wanted to postpone this year to next year, as it is evident that people cannot adhere to masks, distance and hygiene too much. We made all kinds of preparations. Payments had been made. We have to postpone due to the epidemic. We had to meet with the Federation officials, meet with our Youth and Sports Minister and postpone it to the next year by meeting with sports officials. We made this decision. " said.


Emphasizing that human health is more important than anything, Mayor Zeybek; The championship, which we intend to hold at Afyon Motor Sports Center on 4-5-6 September, was removed from the calendar this year, considering the increasing coronavirus cases and the health of the athletes. MXGP Turkey did not want to edit the organization as spectators and coşkusuz. Health and feeling safe comes first. The risk has started to increase gradually due to the increasing number of new types of coronavirus (Kovid 19). Turkey MXGP organization, sports tourism is an important organization for their contribution to the economy of both the accommodations and covered. As Afyonkarahisar Municipality, we have made all the necessary preparations and made the track ready. Health measures were taken in the best way for athletes and teams. He said that thousands of saplings were planted in Afyon Motor Sports Center within the scope of environmental awareness before the World Championship.


If Turkey Motorcycle Federation Vice President Mahmut Nedim Akula ready before the competition, noting that the runway; “Our track you see on the field is now ready to be built for the World Championship tomorrow. With our infrastructure and superstructure, it has become possible to compete with the great efforts of the municipal employees. " he spoke.

Akulke thanked Mayor Mehmet Zeybek for his support; “We will continue with afforestation, greening, infrastructure works in the field and usage studies in different organizations. We put great effort and effort until the last minute to make the race possible. We did whatever it took to make it happen. In fact, we believe that this race is very important for our country, and that it can give the image of the country abroad much more, although we made every effort to make the race happen, the Kovid-19 epidemic hit us too. We changed the name of the World Motocross Championship in 2021 as Afyonkarahisar Motofesti Turkey Motofest, especially this year, with the participation of much bigger athletes with much greater enthusiasm. An international identity in Motofest kazanWe believed in your life. We had efforts in this. These efforts will continue. An international identity at Turkey Motofest in 2021 kazanwe will go. We will try to bring Turkey's biggest star in 2021 Turkey Motofest. We have already started its work. Due to the recent increase in the epidemic, we will not organize the FIM World Motocross Championship in our country this year. Next year, we will host the world's fastest athletes with much more enthusiasm. He said, "I would like to thank the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Governorship of Afyonkarahisar, all the employees of our Afyonkarahisar Municipality and the teams of the Turkish Motorcycle Federation."

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