2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Is All Your Girlfriend Will Want

mercedes benz
mercedes benz

In September 2020, Mercedes-Benz will reveal their new S-Class 2021 futuristic vehicle. It would be the first car ever to have an AR (augmented reality) display: the image on the windshield will reflect information from many sensors, including cameras.

How does it work?

Mercedes-Benz introduced an innovational system called Head-Up Display, which will work with augmented reality. Like similar Head-Up Display systems on the market, the display in each S-Class car will display your speed, whether the radar cruise control and lane-keeping assist are enabled. The new system will decouple from other currently available uses of “virtual distance elements” when Active Distance Assist Distronic is on.

Besides, a new Head-Up Display will contain animated warning red lines in case the driver is going off the lane. However, the navigation will be the strongest point of the new S-Class.

This innovational function uses blue arrows, which look like they are floating above the road. When you are getting closer to the turn, you will see these arrows appearing to inform you where exactly to turn. As soon as you get to the spot you needed, the display will show a floating full stop to indicate that you’ve successfully completed the trip.

The system is the key

The car will not only have a single display. Developers put a whole projection system, which will include a mirror device (DMD) from Texas Instruments. The DMD has a resolution of 1.3 megapixels. It projects an image onto a display in front of the user’s eyes. As is known for now, the display will be able to project a picture with a visibility of 10 degrees horizontally and 5 degrees vertically.

As a driver, you will see the graphics appearing on a 10-inch monitor at a 77-meter distance.
Not only does Daimler present new technologies for S-Class users, but it will also let them perceive a better picture of how things are in the car industry for the new decade. Integrating a transparent display into the windshield turned out to be a poorly executed idea. The reason is yet unknown (however, it is apparent that the technology of its implementation would be too pricey even for the most expensive car.) Designers had to deal with two things. The first inconvenience is the limited capabilities of the projection system. The second one is the ultimate desire to make beautiful designs where clarity and safety are much more important.

The magical display

It is one of the components of the technological process that will be present in the next S-Class generation cars. The interior will offer up to five digital screens, with the centerpiece of the 12,8-inch multimedia screen being the literal “central” screen. The driver gets a fully digital dashboard, and passengers can have separate screens that can display the projection of the main screen.

Its multimedia system will be equipped with a whole encyclopedia capable of providing any information required by voice. Also, the car will be equipped with first in the world front airbags for backseat passengers.

The big showdown will happen on September 2. A member of the Daimler board, Markus Schäfer, presents the high-tech innovation in the teaser video Although the first exhibition will be held this year, you cannot expect to ride a new technological wonder until 2021, as the final stages are still in the testing mode. However, if you like to visit the the ru-brides website and give beautiful women free rides, Mercedes is yet to impress you with many more futuristic elements they are currently working on.

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