2020 Product Inspections were Conducted in 12 Companies in 86 Different Provinces in the First Six Months of 156

2020 Product Inspections were Conducted in 12 Companies in 86 Different Provinces in the First Six Months of 156

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, reported that 2020 product inspections were carried out in 12 companies in 86 different provinces for personal protective equipment in the first six months of 156.

The General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services continues its market surveillance and inspection activities of personal protective equipment for the health and safety of employees.

Minister Selçuk stated that nonconformity was detected in 43 different products and insecurity was detected in 13 products, and said, “We carry out the necessary administrative actions regarding products that are not suitable. Within the scope of the inspections, administrative sanctions are applied to the producers whose products are found to be inappropriate in order to prevent inappropriate production, distribution, sale and use of PPE. " said.

Reminding that the authorization process of laboratories has started in order to support the R&D studies of domestic manufacturers in the field of respiratory protectors, Minister Selçuk said that they aim to meet the domestic market need and increase exports by shortening the certification process. Minister Selçuk emphasized that due to the increasing need during the pandemic, the producers who want to produce PPE are provided technical support for safe and appropriate production and that many different types of unsuitable masks are given the text "Not PPE".

By providing the necessary documents for the producers to export, the entrepreneurs and producers who want to produce Personal Protective Equipment are informed by the Ministry about how the production will be done and the certification processes. In this context, the information requests made to CIMER, official letter and PPE Complaint Line are answered regarding respiratory protection and protective overalls.

Stating that producers should be careful in the production of personal protective equipment, Selçuk said, “In the selection of personal protective equipment, the opinions of OHS professionals and employees should be taken into account by paying attention to the conformity of the products to the standards. As the ministry, we continue our work by putting people in the center of occupational health and safety. " said.

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