17 August Marmara Earthquake and the Importance of Structural Steel

KARDEMİR A.Ş. He issued a commemorative message for the 17st anniversary of the Marmara Earthquake on 1999 August 21. The letter of KARDEMİR A.Ş. regarding the Marmara Earthquake, which is described as the disaster of the century, is as follows;

We are on the 17st anniversary of the August 21 earthquake that deeply affected our country and left great marks. We have also experienced devastating earthquakes in the meantime. In our country, which is located on a great earthquake geography, August 17 was neither a first nor an end. Adapting to natural conditions and struggling with it is a situation that has been going on since the creation of human history. Humanity has always aimed to adapt to difficult conditions as well as benefiting from the blessings of nature.

Especially, one day after August 17, we realized that the "poor quality products" in the basic materials used in buildings caused a severe disaster like an earthquake to be even more devastating. The foundations that were difficult to carry the buildings, the columns and beams collapsed on the people revealed the situation in which the building sector of our country was in those days.

Increasing the quality of steel has always been the biggest goal for Kardemir. The most important group among all our steel products that directly or indirectly affect human health and life is "structural steels". We always bear the responsibility of the strength of the building carriers and we carry out our production activities with this awareness.

The strength of our construction steel used in reinforced concrete buildings comes from our 83-year long history and production memory. So much so that we have been involved in many buildings with construction steel since our establishment and we continue to take place. In addition to our construction steel, another branch of today's modern building industry is composed of steel construction buildings. In addition to its economic facilities such as low cost and fast assembly; The “high flexibility capability” of steel buildings teaches important lessons in earthquakes. For this reason, as Kardemir, we once again emphasize the use of quality steel and other quality building materials to the building sector manufacturers.

We commemorate our citizens who lost their lives in the 17 August earthquake and all the other earthquakes we experienced, and offer our gratitude to all our public employees and non-governmental organizations who took part in the post-earthquake debris studies.

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