TCG will Kavuşturan the Anatolian Turkey Overseas Power Transmission Capability

the construction of the floating ktla tcg anadol continues at full speed
the construction of the floating ktla tcg anadol continues at full speed

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank made investigations at Tuzla Sedef Shipyard, where the construction of the Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship ANADOLU, which will increase the overseas military and humanitarian aid operation capabilities of the Turkish Armed Forces, continues. Stating that the ANADOLU project has a domestic contribution commitment of nearly 70 percent, Minister Varank said, “This ship will provide Turkey with important capabilities on its way to becoming a global power. kazanit will go.” said.


largest tonnage produced in Turkey viewing site work for the construction of the ship Ministers Varank to TURKON Holding and PEARL Shipbuilding President of the Corporation Board of Directors Nevzat Kalkavan, the Board of Directors Orkin Kalkavan, Alkin Kalkavan, Member of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Order Erkan Mete Acquisition Manager Kaşif Kalkavan and Defense Industry Projects Manager Selim Buğdanoğlu accompanied him.


The construction of ANADOLU, which will bring the Turkish Armed Forces to overseas power transfer capability, continues at full speed. The main task of the ship, which will contribute to the increase in the domestic rates in the defense industry, will be force transfer and amphibious operation.


Minister in a statement after the visit to the shipyard Varank, produced for the first time in Turkey's Multipurpose Amphibious Assault Ship, Naval Forces Command said it would be the largest tonnage ships will enter the inventory. Recently, he pointed out that Turkey's certified as a regional power Varank, stressing the ship's tanks and armored vehicles, including national can carry more than 30 aircraft, depending on the face near the amphibious task group and task.


Stating that there is nearly 70 percent domestic contribution commitment in the ANADOLU Project, Minister Varank stated that SMEs and suppliers in the country also play a critical role in the project, since one third of the domestic contribution commitment is SME commitment.


Noting that it is possible for even tactical class UAVs to take off from this ship without vertical take-off and landing, Varank said, “This ship offers important capabilities to Turkey on the way to becoming a global power. kazanwill yell. It moves pretty fast.” he said.


Saying that the design of the first ship is foreign, Varank said, “In the following periods, we will find ways and remedies to produce such ships with our own original designs. We hope to be able to manufacture the ships in this class, including the design from now on. We have a talent in this direction. With the MİLGEM project, we can produce our warships completely locally and nationally with our own designs. ”


ANATOLIAN has a length of 232 meters and a width of 32 meters. The ship, which has a height of 58 meters, has a heavy vehicle deck of one thousand square meters. The ship also has a shipyard of 410 square meters, a light vehicle deck of 165 square meters, a landing area of ​​880 thousand and a flight deck of 6 square meters with a flight ramp, and a hangar of 5 square meters.


The ship has the capacity to carry 6 aircraft, such as 4 fighter jets, 8 attack helicopters, 2 medium load helicopters, 2 Seahawk general purpose helicopters and 30 unmanned aerial vehicles, depending on the task group requirements. However, the necessary infrastructure and intermediate maintenance needs for these vehicles can also be met on board.


ANADOLU will be able to carry the necessary combat and support vehicles to the crisis regions without the base support and can be used in all seas with 1 amphibious battalion. He will be able to participate in operations with the removal tools he will carry in his pool. It will have a flight deck that will enable rotary aerial vehicles to operate day and night with the heaviest NATO helicopters in the inventory. There will be a flight ramp at the top of the flight deck that will allow suitable aircraft to take off in a short distance. There will be 1 combat operations centers, 3 of which can be allocated for NATO, and at least 1223 personnel will be able to serve in the floating barracks.


Thanks to this project; A wide range of critical capabilities such as carrying out humanitarian aid operations in geographies far from the homeland, providing medical support to nearly a thousand people with 2 full-fledged operating theaters, 14 intensive care units and burn units when necessary, and conducting air operations without being dependent on the bases of other countries. kazanwill be.


“Construction Start Ceremony” was held on April 30, 2016 with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Following the completion of the main drive and propulsion system integration in February this year, the ship's Port Acceptance Tests started on July 2019, 1. Following the completion of the port and naval tests, ANADOLU is planned to be handed over to the Naval Forces Command next year.


Aselsan-Havelsan Business Partnership; ANADOLU's Command Control, Communication, Computer, Intelligence and Weapon Systems are procured. Systems such as the War Management System (GENESIS-ADVENT), the Electronic Warfare Suite containing the Radar Electronic Assault and Countermeasure Systems, the Infrared Trace Tracking System, the Electro Optic Director, and the Torpedo Counter-Deception System have been developed nationally, assemblies started.


In addition, the technology carried out within the scope of the project KazanWithin the scope of IM obligations, direct financial support is given to 3 different R&D Projects that are being developed nationally.

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