Smart System on Yedikuyular Ski Center Road

Smart System on Yedikuyular Ski Center Road
Smart System on Yedikuyular Ski Center Road

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality added Yedikuyular Road to its controlled road network in the city center within the scope of smart municipal services.

In the statement made by the Traffic Management Center of KMBB Transportation Services Department on the subject: “Since the opening of Yedikuyular Ski Center, a high traffic load has occurred on the route, especially in Dereli and Sakarya intersections. Our Traffic Management Center has put in place the necessary measurement equipment near the Wildlife Park in order to fully measure and manage this burden.

The traffic load at our critical junctions can be seen instantly thanks to the system and precautions can be taken before the problem occurs.

In addition, thanks to the highly accurate measurement information, the working systems of our intersections provide the opportunity to be applied with high accuracy rates according to various hours of the day.

The system can give the number of vehicles traveling to the region at the rate of 100 percent, including round trip.

As the density of the route can be measured as 100 percent, our rescuers can take precautions according to the density status. ”

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