Governor Gürel and Deputy Ünal Examined Keltepe Ski Center

governor gurel and deputy examined unal keltepe ski resort
governor gurel and deputy examined unal keltepe ski resort

Keltepe Mountain summit with Karabük Governor Fuat Gürel and Karabük Deputy Cumhur Ünal, Provincial General Assembly President Hasan Yıldırım, Provincial Special Administration General Secretary Mehmet Uzun, Youth and Sports Provincial Director Coşkun Güven, Private Pen Manager Mustafa Cücü and Forest Operation Manager Aydın Kırımlı and made investigations in Keltepe Ski Center.

Governor Gürel and Deputy Ünal, who were firstly tender on the road to the Keltepe Ski Center by the Karabük Special Provincial Administration and received information about the 6 km of guardrails, which will be added in addition to the completion of the 1.5 km section, then the highest altitude mountain in our city with the accompanying delegation. They made investigations at the summit point of Mount Keltepe.

With the integration of the Keltepe Ski Center, the summit of the Keltepe Mountain and the Eğriova Pond, they made evaluations by making on-site examinations about the projects targeted to make our country and region an important attraction in tourism, with the creation of the trekking and camping areas of the Keltepe Region, which is admired with its nature.

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