TÜSİAD This Job Is Youth! EGE 2020 Awards EGİAD Found its Owners With Cooperation!

tusiad has a job at this youth aegul odulları found their owners in cooperation with egiad
Photograph: Aegean Young Business People Association

Innovative perspective and entrepreneurship competence to university students across Turkey. kazanOrganized since 2011 with the aim of contributing to the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Aegean Region, as of 2019, TÜSİAD “There is WORK in This Youth! The 2020 period of the event, which is carried out under the name of “Aegean Programme”, EGİAD was held online in Izmir in cooperation with Award from competing startups kazanmoments were determined on the digital Finals Day, which took place on July 23. In this year's final, Docto Baby, which enables mothers to spend their pregnancy and postpartum processes consciously, won first place; Bookgether, a mobile application that brings together people with different perspectives and life experiences through virtual book meetings, came in second place; Genotech, the therapeutic solution for 1st and 2nd stage liver cancer and potential liver patients, received the third prize. First Prize 10 thousand Turkish Liras, Incubation Support & EGİAD Angels Mentoring, Second Prize Incubation Support & EGİAD Her angels were Mentoring, Third Prize, Incubation Support.

In order to contribute to the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Aegean Region EGİAD “TÜSİAD This Youth Has a Job! The 2020 Term Final of the Aegean Program was held online on July 23. TÜSİAD, which was launched for the first time in the Aegean Region in 2019 to develop the entrepreneurship ecosystem, has jobs in this youth! Final Day of the 2020 period of the Aegean between 23 July, 14.30-17.30 EGİAD Youtube It was broadcast live on the channel. İrem Oral Kayacık, Head of TÜSİAD Entrepreneurship and Youth Round Table at the online event, EGİAD Chairman of the Board of Directors Mustafa Aslan, Chairman of the Board of Izmir Commodity Exchange Işınsu Kestelli, Jimmy Key Chairman of the Board of Directors & Member of the Board of Sun Tekstil Günseli Ünlütürk, Chairman of the Board of EGIFED - Federation of Aegean Young Businessmen Associations Aydın Buğra İlter, EGİAD members and young entrepreneurs participating in the program.

Innovative perspective and entrepreneurship competence to university students across Turkey. kazanTÜSİAD This Youth Has WORK! As of 2011, it turned into an entrepreneurship program and attracted great attention. In this context, TÜSİAD Bu Gençte İŞ Var! The second term of the Aegean project ended on 2019 July. TÜSİAD, which was created together with the business world network of the region, angel investor networks and entrepreneurship centers, There is WORK in This Youth! Aegean 23 period; Entrepreneurship camp in the Aegean, for young entrepreneur candidates, provided the opportunity for the teams participating in the camp to present their ideas to business people and the selected teams to work on entrepreneurial ideas for five months with business people. Entrepreneurship ideas competed on the Final Day, which took place on July 2020.

Jury membership at the Award Ceremony EGİAD Chairman of the Board Mustafa Aslan, EGİFED Chairman Aydın Buğra İlter, İzmir Commodity Exchange Chairman Işınsu Kestelli and Jimmy Key Chairman / Sun Tekstil Board Member Günseli Ünlütürk. As a result of the jury evaluations, Accident Alert System, Buton, Doctobaby, Genotech, Bookgether and Waiterating initiatives that took the stage on the Final Day; Docto Baby first, Bookgeth is second, Genotech third place awards kazanwas.

Final Day hosted by Peyvend Öksüz, EGİAD It started with the opening speech of the Chairman of the Board Mustafa Aslan. Stating that entrepreneurship activities are of great importance today, Aslan emphasized that the relationship with job creation is one of the most important reasons for the close interest. Emphasizing that young people are at the forefront in the field of entrepreneurship, which is considered as the central element of future career development and social development. EGİAD President Aslan said, “Therefore, important efforts are being made to develop entrepreneurship in many countries of the world, including Turkey, with significant young populations, and activities on how to direct young entrepreneur candidates to more entrepreneurship are important. kazanis working. In this context, innovative perspective and entrepreneurship competence are given to university students throughout Turkey. kazanTÜSİAD This Youth Has WORK! It is very important and meaningful that the event turns into an entrepreneurship program as of 2011. In this context, the TÜSİAD There is a Job in This Youth Aegean project, which is implemented in the Aegean Region, one of the regions where the program receives the most applications, is especially the first and only treasury accredited investor network of our region. EGİAD It is also a reflection of the culture created by his angels. Bequeathed to us our ancestors and Turkey's future with our young people, to freely express their ideas, they can learn from each other, many different offers a unique platform, they can interact with stakeholders and we are partners in their entrepreneurial dreams, "he said.

Entrepreneurship Should Be Vaccinated At A Young Age

Lions that records should be vaccinated from an early age the entrepreneurial culture, "in countries with outnumber young population like Turkey, the perception towards entrepreneurship, attitudes and so in terms of the development of the trend, perhaps the provision of entrepreneurship education at all levels to start at an early age and country can be an important beginning to spread across the globe. In this way, young entrepreneur candidates can be strengthened both their perception of entrepreneurship and their tendency and awareness of opportunities. Entrepreneurship is a rapidly progressing and increasingly mature field of work as a discipline that attracts a great deal of attention and I must proudly say that EGİAD As we are in this field at every stage, "he said.

TÜSİAD Entrepreneurship and Youth Roundtable Chairman İrem Oral Kayacık, on the other hand, has been working since 2011, TÜSİAD Bu Gençliği is JOB! Drawing attention to the fact that young people are offered a platform where they can share and develop their business ideas, “We believe that in a society where free thinking, questioning and solution-generating culture are developed, young people will create value-creating jobs. We are always working to develop the influence area of ​​TÜSİAD Bu Gençlilik İş Var!, Which we started as a pilot application 9 years ago, and to engrave entrepreneurship in the DNA of young people. As with the 2019 period to support the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey multicenter emphasis on developing local cooperation. The positive atmosphere created by universities, technoparks, TTOs, entrepreneurship centers and NGOs in the Aegean Region and the fact that the region is one of the top three regions where we receive the most applications every semester TÜSİAD This Youth is İş Var! It was effective in realizing the Aegean. With the same belief, we support the entrepreneurship center to be opened by the municipality to support entrepreneurship in Izmir. We will seek solutions to the problems of Izmir with entrepreneurs, and we are doing the preparations of our program in cooperation with the municipality. We hope to implement this program with other local governments ”.

Işınsu Kestelli, Chairman of the Board of the Izmir Commodity Exchange, noted that the increasing value of the companies established by young entrepreneurs is promising for the future.

Günseli Ünlütürk, Jimmy Key Chairman and Sun Tekstil Board Member, stated that entrepreneurship includes a sustainable perspective and that it can be transformed into a better program with entrepreneurship.

EGİFED Chairman Aydın Buğra İlter is also the leader organization of civil society TÜSİAD and EGİADHe emphasized that the entrepreneurship project with the cooperation of the company had the opportunity to spread to a wide geography.

Between the event, Reeder Co-Founder Sezen Sungur Saral, who received the Female Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2019, conveyed her success story in terms of inspiring young entrepreneurs. The development of young people and those who work for the sustainability issues that will benefit the world of digitalized business information field that Sarala, "the young minds of the country as we contribute to making production in Turkey are providing benefits in respect of employment. Entrepreneurship was a concept that was not on the agenda in our school years. But now it is among the compulsory courses. I recommend that young people continue to learn without stopping openly. ”

Kazanmoments and awards

First Prize, 10 thousand Turkish Liras, Incubation Support & EGİAD Angels Mentoring

Docto Baby

A mobile application that allows mothers to consciously pass through pregnancy and postpartum processes and facilitate communication with specialist doctors when necessary. It also helps them to take early action by identifying possible problems that the baby may experience with small tests.

Guide: Özüm İlter Demirci, Member of the Board of Bayteks Tarım Ürünleri / Melek Investor

Team Members:

Samet Demirdag DOKUZ EYLUL UNIVERSITY Industrial Engineering
Contact Hasan directly DOKUZ EYLUL UNIVERSITY Computer Engineering
Nazmi Guzel DOKUZ EYLUL UNIVERSITY Computer Engineering

Second prize, Incubation Support & EGİAD Angels Mentoring

Bookgeth is

Mobile application that brings people with different perspectives and life experiences together with virtual book meetings.

Guide: Zerrin Ülken, Business Development Manager of Tunaboylu / Melek Investor

Team Members:

Burcu Karacaagacli DOKUZ EYLUL UNIVERSITY archaeology
Oguzhan Tasyaran DOKUZ EYLUL UNIVERSITY Computer engineering graduate

Third Prize, Incubation Support


Solution intended for treatment of stage 1 and 2 liver cancer and potential liver patients.

Guide: Filip Minasyan, EFE Industries & Trade Co. General Manager / Angel Investor

Team Members:

Ege Erol ANATOLIAN UNIVERSITY International trade and logistics
Hulusi Burak Meat PIRI REIS UNIVERSITY Ship Machinery Management Engineering
Can Toraman SOUTH CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY Software engineering

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