Turkey's first Canray Transportation pride in local and National Electric Train Set

The first electric train sets domestic and national pride transportation turkiyenin canray
The first electric train sets domestic and national pride transportation turkiyenin canray

Rail systems industry leading OEMs partnering with an increasing acceleration develops Canray of Transportation's interior trim group carried out diligently from design to production, Turkey's first local and national electric train set, Sakarya ceremony began their factory test carried out at TÜVASAŞ.

Yeşilova Holding rail transport in the project as successful representative Canray Biriola partner, Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) began to implement the national electric train factory tests. Canray complete roof assembly of Transportation, LED lighting system group, passenger luggage racks, shelf region, electrical cabinets, interior trim and passenger & driver frames among the suppliers of a wide scope of product groups as Turkey's first electric national rail Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Industry Mustafa Varank and TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun landed on the rails to start factory tests.


Ramazan Uçar, General Manager of Canray Transportation, who attended the ceremony, stated that Canray Transportation has come a long way in a very short time and said, “In the national train project, the complete ceiling group, led system lighting group, passenger luggage racks, landing area, electrical cabins, interior dressings and passenger & driver We have become one of the suppliers in the production of the entire underwear group, including the frames. In many projects we have realized as Canray Transportation kazanIt is a great pleasure for us that the experience we have gained has turned into added value for our country today. For our country, this breakthrough was an important starting point for high-speed train sets in the future. During the pandemic we are experiencing, our friends have worked hard. I thank each and every one of them for their hard work.”

Uçar emphasized that aluminum is of great importance in the rail systems sector as well as in the automotive industry, and Yeşilova Holding's aluminum experience that has been gained for 45 years and in the rail system sector where it has been in the last 20 years, has been taking part in our national train project, which is our national project, after its overseas customers, in the name of the country. He added that they were excited about the successful works.

Ramazan Uçar, General Manager of Canray Transportation, who said that they are a hundred percent exporter company in the Rail Transport sector, said that the first phase contract of 3 thousand 215 vehicles, 1 thousand 8 vehicles in total, including options, high-speed train, subway, side walls of the tram, complete ceiling groups, all led system lighting. groups stated that they offer complete solutions including passenger luggage racks, cabinets, interior trims and passenger & driver frames, and that they work co-design with the main industries, they are turnkey business partners, not supplying materials to their customers, but making system solutions without design verification, material and product tests. Uçar continued his words as follows: “It is the first R&D center of its sector in 755, ranking 238 among thousand 2015 R&D centers in our country, but we never see ourselves as an aluminum extruder or an aluminum injector alone. We will continue to be an engineering and solution partner by adding value to the products we produce in our facilities. "

Their focus is always foreign exchange to the country. kazanRamazan Uçar, General Manager of Canray Transportation, said that they are going to the continent of America after Europe, Asia, Africa and the Arabian peninsula and that they will start production of many new projects in the near future. Underlining that the customers' trust in their design and engineering strengths lies in the emergence of these projects, Uçar lastly, Frankfurt Metro, Grand Paris Metro, Salzgetter I-LINT Tram, Luxembourg, Belgium, TGV, Dubai, Riyadh, Regiolis, ICNG, Train Italy, RER- NG added that the successful production of Hanoi Metro projects and Aptis electric bus projects continues.


The national electric train, which has an operating speed of 160 kilometers per hour and a design speed of 176 kilometers per hour, has a set of 5 vehicles and a capacity of 324 seats. Following the factory tests, the road tests will begin in August, and the project is planned to be lowered on the rails before the end of the year and to carry passengers.

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