Turkey's First Local and National Artillery Rocket System: TOROS

turkiyenin first local and national artillery rocket system toros
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Gürcan Okumuş, TÜBİTAK SAGE Institute Director, transferred the artillery rocket works carried out with the intensive labor and overtime of Turkish engineers. The experience and accumulation gained with the TOROS artillery rocket system, which is known to few people, has inspired today's systems. Gürcan Okumuş shared TOROS artillery rocket works on his social media account twitter.

TOROS, TUBITAK Defense Industry Research and Development Institute (SAGE), developed by the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces, is Turkey's first domestic and national artillery rocket system. As the 2000s approached, the journey of TOROS started with the combination of TÜBİTAK SAGE and the Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK).

The team of engineers, who started to work in a very devoted way, tried to achieve the hard, taking power from their extremely strong beliefs, together with the small amount of budget available, knowledge, and exemplary work.

As a result of the plans, it was decided to build two different artillery rocket systems, TOROS 230 and TOROS 260. Although the conditions of the period gave priority to ready-to-buy systems, the studies for the development of TOROS were carried out intensely, without slowing down.

In the scope of the artillery rocket system project carried out between 1996-2000, all technology and infrastructure requirements were developed nationally. TOROS, which has successfully completed the static engine ignition and firing tests within the scope of the tests applied after the development phase, is ready for mass production.

As a result of the decisions taken by the relevant authorities to meet the needs of the TAF with ready purchases from abroad, no mass production demand was received and TOROS was shelved.

Although it did not enter mass production, the TOROS project has of course brought some benefits to us. The most important of these achievements was that there is now an example that our engineers can look for when they look back. TOROS has been a source of knowledge and self-confidence in this regard. The TOROS project, which could not see the value it deserved in those days, forms the basis of the technologies that TUBITAK SAGE has developed and is developing today.

The achievements of the TOROS project are the core of Turkey's first guidance kits HGK and KGK, the first cruise missile SOM, and the first air-to-air missiles GÖKDOĞAN and BOZDOĞAN. Many engineers involved in the TOROS project also take part in important projects already developed.

TÜBİTAK SAGE, which carries out its activities with the slogan of "National R&D for National Defense", continues to serve the Turkish Armed Forces with its important projects developed in the field of defense industry.

Source: defenceturk

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