Turkey's First Amphibious Assault Ship TCG Anatolia

turkiyenin first amphibious assault ship TCG Anatolia
turkiyenin first amphibious assault ship TCG Anatolia

TCG TCG Anatolia Anatolia or L-400, the construction period, in terms of the main configuration amphibious assault ship (LHD) is Turkey's first ship entered the classroom. It can also be used in amphibious operations in terms of its main formation. Work was started in 2014 for the construction of the ship, which will be the flagship of the Turkish Navy when its construction is completed. The design of the ship was based on the design of the Spanish Navy Juan Carlos I (L61). Built in line with the needs of the Turkish navy, TCG Anadolu will be able to hold 8 fully equipped helicopters. 1 battalion will be able to deliver the full-fledged soldier to the desired area. The ship, which has the convenience of intercontinental missions, is expected to actively operate in the Black Sea, the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

About TCG Anadolu

With its 12-degree slope, TCG Anadolu will facilitate the takeoff of warplanes and thus will facilitate the use of aircraft other than helicopters. It is also planned to order the Lockheed Martin F-35B model, which can make short take-off and vertical landing in the future, to serve on the TCG Anatolian ship. The ship, which will be used for the purpose of multipurpose amphibious assault ship, is capable of carrying 1400 people. 1 amphibious battalion will be able to move to the desired area without the need for communication, combat and support vehicles. The TCG Anatolian vessel, which can accommodate 700 sea-taking vehicles other than the 8-person amphibious force, will have a military hospital with a minimum bed capacity of 30, including the operating room, dental treatment units, and intensive care and infection rooms. It is planned to be launched in 2021 and start to work at the Naval Forces Command.

TCG Anatolian Amphibious Assault Ship Technical specifications

  • Ship length and width: 232 × 32 m
  • Maximum height: 58 m
  • Maximum speed: 21 knots
  • Movement ground: 9000 miles
  • Heavy duty garage: 1410 m²
  • Light duty garage: 1880 m²
  • Ship pool: 1165 m²
  • Hangar: 900 m²
  • Flight deck: 5440 m²
  • Fighter jet capacity: 6 fighter jets
  • Assault helicopter capacity: 4 T-129 Attacks
  • Also: 8 transports, 2 Seahawk helicopters
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle capacity: 2


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