Turkey Base with E-Commerce Logistics Centers Way of Being

billion dollar export target will be achieved with logistics centers
Photograph: Aegean Exporters' Associations

Logistics centers to be established in the target countries after the pandemic will play a major role on the road to the export target of 2023 billion dollars in 226,6.

Aegean exporters will see that the new generation solutions to be put into use in logistics will accelerate both the economy and the economy. kazanHe thinks that it will both increase and strengthen the supply chain.

According to the Aegean Exporters' Associations Coordinator President Jak Eskinazi, every development in the logistics sector will be in favor of bilateral trade with exporters and target countries during this period, when protectionism measures have increased further with the pandem.

“During the pandemic, with the breaking of the supply chain, we saw that global logistics systems are vital. Turkey, the world will accelerate the process towards becoming an e-commerce center offering services to the general logistic centers and e-commerce, we need to cooperate. By focusing on this, we must create new generation trading bridges. We want the logistics centers, which will facilitate access to target markets and enable the existing markets to grow, by coming together with the Exporters' Unions and logistics sector of our Ministry of Commerce. Supply bases will also play a major role in reducing fast delivery and return costs in e-export. With the Chinese e-commerce platform, which is among the top three in the world, we will be signing new collaborations for food. Turkey's first virtual exhibition started as a union in the coming period, we have a lot of virtual team projects and fairs. Supply bases to be established abroad have a special importance especially for our B2B companies aiming to e-export. ”

Advantage in both transportation costs and supply

Emphasizing that strategic points should be chosen especially in terms of logistics, Eskinazi explained Chicago as an example and that Central America is a developed center in terms of manufacturing industry, logistics, land transportation, warehousing and railways.

“Choosing regions with dense Turkish population may be another strategic move. Manufacturers should be contacted to clarify issues such as which sectors will come mainly from demand, the number of companies that want to work in these centers, the types of services requested and the size of the area, and the exchange of views for companies' perspectives and preliminary requests should be accelerated. Logistics centers will be a turning point for exporters with the advantages they provide both in transportation costs and supply. On the other hand, our Turkish Trade Centers (TTM) operate in 7 countries to promote, store, logistically and financially, and facilitate their entry into the market. TTMs are located in the USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Russia, Kenya, UAE. A TTM for the furniture industry was recently established in Dubai with the support of the Ministry of Commerce. ”

Turkey towards becoming a base of e-commerce logistics centers

Warehouse, office, showroom, added sales and service support is also giving Turkey the shooting, saying that an opportunity for exporters of TTM which became the center Jake Ashkenazic overseas to the words that have a greater opportunity of logistics centers besides the logistics.

“Our next expansion should be logistics centers in order to expand the scope of the supply chain. In the coming period, it will be a springboard for us to reach foreign buyers more easily and increase the effectiveness of e-commerce. Even if you make the best product in the world, if you do not have a professional service network, you cannot sell your product. Turkey's sustainable export growth to capture, to 2023 billion dollars in 226,6 to reach the target, the development of the logistics industry and infrastructure in order to increase the competitiveness of export products is of great importance. Turkey is among the first 18 countries with a turnover of about 20 billion dollars in the transportation sector in the world. By integrating these systems into e-commerce, we can increase our logistics efficiency in foreign trade, reduce the cost burden, shorten the time of products to market, and strengthen both our share in e-commerce and our position in the world market. ”

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