Braces Prices

braces prices
braces prices

Braces prices The type of the material used may vary depending on the materials requested by the physician and the examination fee. In addition, the duration of the treatment, the quality of the material used, the patient's age, the state or experience of the physician's education, and braces may vary depending on the country or city.

Besides these, it may also differ according to payment options (cash or installments). The doctor, who is in charge of the treatment, exchanges ideas with the patient as a result of general dental examination with the mouth and jaw, and ideas about the history and preparation of the treatment are obtained. After choosing how to do the treatment, the exact braces price is determined.

After the definitive price agreement, the extra fee may be deducted from the problems caused by the patient's act contrary to the treatment. Braces prices, the average cost of treatment of children displays a more affordable price compared to the cost of treatment of adults. Physician's choice of choice is an important factor among many factors. The experience of the orthodontist can be suggested as one of the reasons for being chosen.

Braces Prices 2020

According to the pricing updated according to the current year (2020); braces prices It differs between 2.500₺ or 6.500₺. If braces are applied to the double chin, the price range may vary between 4.500₺ or 6.500₺.

Applying to an inexperienced Orthodontist may not be very good for your health. If treatment is not applied correctly, it can result in an extra cost and permanent damage to the teeth. In addition, careful work is required when removing braces, and there is no damage to the teeth at this time.

During the removal of braces, the adhesive is removed from the tooth surface, but no loss of tooth enamel is observed.

Teeth Wire prices
Teeth Wire prices

Braces Types

The braces, called transparent, consist of a plate. Transparent braces There is nothing used as. It contributes to the stability of the tooth but does not work as much as a metal braces.

Porcelain braces it is tooth-colored and adhered to the tooth. But the wire is impossible to pass through, the porcelain part is the part that contacts your tooth.

Metal braces are metal wires that are often used in orthodontic treatment. It has been used for many years and is more durable than any other braces.

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