They Pedal From Barcelona to Bursa

they pedaled from barcelona to bursa
they pedaled from barcelona to bursa

From Barcelona in Spain on two bicycle travelers coming to Turkey upon the invitation to come to Bursa Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, he had the opportunity to see the city's history and natural beauty.

Spanish cycling travelers Alejsandro Alberto Martin Berroza and Gimenes Fandos Adelaida met in Istanbul on the invitation of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, after meeting with the bicycle editor Cengiz Yardı, in Istanbul, where they met through the 'warm showers' bicycle platform. Bicycle travelers, who met with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Tourism and Promotion Branch Manager Ercüment Yılmaz and Youth and Sports Services Branch Manager Nurullah Yıldız, created a special route to Bursa.

Within the scope of the route, which includes the historical and natural beauties of Bursa, Spanish cycling travelers had the opportunity to see these beauties by pedaling in the city center, Uludağ, Mudanya and Iznik.

Bicycle travelers, who were very impressed by Bursa's historical and natural beauties, said that they would advise all bicycle travelers on their way to Bursa.

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