Worn Out Floor of Fahrettin Pasha Level Crossing in Tarsus

the floor of the Fahrettin Pasa level crossing was renewed in Tarsus
the floor of the Fahrettin Pasa level crossing was renewed in Tarsus

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Tarsus-Çamlıyayla Branch Directorate road construction and maintenance teams carried out improvement and re-asphalting at the level crossing of Fahrettin Pasha, located in the city center of Tarsus and whose ground has become very bad due to heavy vehicle traffic.

Metropolitan teams, which have changed the deformed plates in level crossings in the past days and redrawn the road lines in a distinctive yellow, continue to work on the level crossings on the railway network passing from Tarsus in the east-west direction.

Ground deformed due to overuse

Fahrettin Pasha, located at the intersection of Tarsus center Cemal Gürsel Avenue and Mimar Sinan Boulevard, has started to collapse and deform recently due to the excessive use and especially heavy tonnage vehicles.

Metropolitan teams started work on the level crossing in order to find a solution to the situation that creates a danger in vehicle passages. The parts worn out in the entrance and exit sections of the level crossing, which was closed to vehicle traffic for a while, were carefully removed.

The jeans at the points where there was a continuous collapse were dropped by the excavation work and the rock was filled into it. After the compaction process, asphalt paving was done and the level crossing was opened to traffic again.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality will also work on other level crossings passing through the center of Tarsus and experiencing similar problems.

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