Memory Tickets Application from TCDD

Instant ticket application from tcdd
Instant ticket application from tcdd

Memory ticket application within the scope of 15 July Democracy and National Unity Day events I It is put into service via the website.

In the coup attempt on July 15, 2016, the Turkish nation fought a great struggle and moved democracy into the future by opposing those who want the integrity of their homeland to be broken. A great epic was written that day, which overflowed to the streets and streets as one heart.

TCDD, the National Union for Democracy and every year to remember the night of July 15 is celebrated as the Day that night killed during the coup attempt and experienced veterans to commemorate the citizens of Turkey are enjoying an unforgettable journey.

You can create a memory ticket instantly by entering your information on the form on the website prepared by TCDD.

On the 15th of July, Democracy and National Unity Day, TCDD invites the Turkish people to buy commemorative tickets in memory of all our heroes, especially our martyrs, who struggled with democracy with love of the country.

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