TCDD Izmir Makes Museum Visitors History of Turkish Railways

tcdd izmir to show its visitors the history of turkish railways
tcdd izmir to show its visitors the history of turkish railways

Revised by the Republic of Turkey State Railways, new controls, which opened its doors to re citizens with social life, and the skyline of the city's major TCDD İzmir Museum, it makes two journeys in history to visitors.

The building, which was built in the 1800s by the English traders in Alsancak with an architectural style called “Bağdadi”, was used as a warehouse for a period of time. The building, which was later used as an administration by the British Company, was considered as the lodging of the manager of the Izmir-Aydın Ottoman Railway Company in the 1860s.

The historical building, which is located next to the railways after nationalization and has been used as a lodging for 5 years with the same architectural features, was organized as a "Museum and Art Gallery" in 1990.

On the first floor of the museum, there are works exhibited in the sections consisting of Communication, Traction and Road rooms. In the communication room, telegraph machines, telephones, liquid battery containers that produce electricity using bluestone, teleemprimers, telex devices, radios and their peripherals and communication documents are displayed, both in the regulation of train traffic and in corporate communication.

In the draw frame, the mechanical and electrical parts of the towed and towed vehicles owned by TCDD, the names of the first two steam locomotives manufactured in our country, “Bozkurt” and “Karakurt”, chassis models, engine cross section that creates traction power, passenger and freight car parts. Maintenance and repair materials are exhibited.

In the Road room of our museum, the tools and railway materials used in Railway Construction Maintenance and Repair, and the tent used by the workers for shelter during non-working times, and wooden barrels used to meet the need for water in the land are exhibited.

On the second floor of our museum, there is the Gar Manager room, the Movement Officer room, the Office of the Ticket Officer, the Health section and the Demirspor sections, and the works here are exhibited.

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