Pesticides and Air Pollution Reduce Chances of Conception

pesticides and air pollution reduce chance of conception
pesticides and air pollution reduce chance of conception

Phosphate derivatives commonly used as pesticides and food preservatives negatively affect their reproductive potential. Anadolu Health Center Gynecology, Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Dr., who stated that women who are exposed to high amounts of pesticides (pesticides) have approximately 18 percent less chance of getting pregnant with IVF. Ebru Öztürk Öksüz said, “Exposure to pesticides is also very obvious on men. It causes sperm count and quality to decrease over the years. In addition, air pollution affects reproductive health negatively. ”

Only superficial pesticides (pesticides) are removed by washing the food. Anadolu Health Center Gynecology, Obstetrician and IVF Specialist, who said that the best recommended cleaning method is to mix sodium carbonate known as baking soda between water and the people. Ebru Öztürk Öksüz explained the effects of pesticides on human reproduction as follows:

In men fed with food containing pesticide residues, it causes a significant decrease in sperm count and quality and causes erection problems, causes menstrual irregularities, congenital anomalies (disability, disease) and low birth weight in women. pregnancies, preterm births appear to decrease the reproductive potential in both men and women.

Air pollution increases the risk of miscarriage

In addition to general health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory tract diseases, especially severe air pollution and long-term exposure to it, Gynecological Diseases, Birth and IVF Specialist Ebru Öztürk Öksüz said, “The use of natural cleaning materials as much as possible during IVF and pregnancy, not smoking in the house, not painting the house in this process, making sure that there is no dust and mold by cleaning the house in detail (especially if it is used in the summer months) prevents pollution. "It is possible to take precautions against the pollution outside our home, not to travel when the traffic is very heavy during IVF and pregnancy, to stay away from chemical producing factories and by walking in the green areas for at least two days a week."

Air pollution also reduces sperm motility

Underlining that men are also affected by air pollution, Dr. Ebru Öztürk Öksüz said, “Studies show that there is a close relationship between air pollution and increased abnormal sperm shape and decreased sperm motility. This can be an obstacle for couples to conceive normally. According to studies, it is observed that infertility increases in regions where air pollution is at high levels, due to negative effects on both sperm and egg production and quality. ”

Suggestions for couples who want to have IVF

Underlining that all factors affecting general health affect reproductive health in the same way. Ebru Öztürk Öksüz made the following suggestions to couples who wanted to make a test tube baby: “Smoking, consuming a large amount of sugary food, consuming processed foods, consuming excessive amounts of sugary and carbonated drinks also adversely affect the IVF process. In this process, consuming fresh vegetables and fruits, eating more food we make at home, avoiding sugary and carbonated drinks, and more importantly, stress.


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