The city's most Stylish Model Ford Puma in Turkey

the city's most stylish new model ford cougar turkiyede
the city's most stylish new model ford cougar turkiyede

New Ford Puma, which is the newest member of the Ford SUV world, is stylish, confident and appeals to users who love to focus on attention; With its remarkable design, technology that brings a breath of fresh air to its segment and features that make life easier, it excites those who want to live the future already.

Ergonomic, innovative approach and comfort draw attention in the interior design of Puma, which has a stylish and sporty exterior design. With its innovative MegaBox solution and washable 456-liter luggage volume, the new Puma provides an uncompromising loading space as a class leader. The 12.3 '' digital dashboard offered for the first time on Ford models with Kuga offers a variety of customization options with its stylish splash screen and configurations that vary according to driving modes. Ford's car for the first time in Turkey that offers a 1.0PS EcoBoost 155L innovative hybrid technology and provides a high-performance driving with superior fuel efficiency. The 1.0L 125 PS Ecoboost petrol engine combines comfort and performance with a 7-speed automatic transmission.

In parallel with the increasing interest of car lovers, Ford continues to enrich its product portfolio with crossover models that reflect the SUV and SUV character. New Ford Puma, the newest, coolest and most stylish member of the city, brings a breath of fresh air to its segment with its different design and innovative technologies, and opens a brand new page for Ford's design character with its stylish and sporty lines.

Turkey in the 'Style' and 'ST-Line' sold equipment with the new Ford Puma, 'Style' hardware 1.0lt EcoBoost 95PS PS Gasoline 6-speed manual and 1.0L Ecoboost 125PS 7 waiting for customers with advanced automated options. In 'ST-Line' equipment, 1.0L EcoBoost Hybrid 155PS 6-speed manual option is added to the product range. Puma's striking design is combined with sporty ST-Line design details. The segmented leather upholstery design, LED headlights, digital trip computer, wireless charging unit, B&O sound system appeal to customers who have style and love to attract attention and want to have the best.

Emphasizing that the eye-catching design of the new Ford Puma is combined with advanced technology and innovative functionality, Ford Otosan Marketing, Sales and After Sales Assistant General Manager Özgür Yücetürk said:

“As Ford, we diversify and differentiate our SUV and SUV-inspired crossover models to suit the demands of different customer groups. Our flagship New Ford Kuga, which we introduced to the market last month, is in serious demand. Our highly anticipated crossover model, New Puma, took its place in the Ford SUV world. In addition to its design that draws attention to the new Ford Puma, it offers safety, comfort and driving technologies that will enable the users to live the future from now on, making car use and life easier. The luggage area, which is one of the most important handicaps of the B segment vehicles, is not a problem with the New Ford Puma, which provides the biggest luggage volume in its class. In addition, it is effortless and connected to drivers thanks to features such as 5 different driving modes, a 7-speed automatic transmission that accompanies the gasoline engine, a 12,3-inch digital display screen for personalization, an advanced 8 ″ touchscreen and SYNC In-car Infotainment System and wireless charging unit. giving a driving experience. The new Ford Puma, also promises efficient and environmentally friendly drive Ecoboost with innovative hybrid technology, we offer a car for the first time in Turkey. We look forward to meeting the New Puma, which has taken its place in the Ford SUV world, with our customers. ”

Impressive interior and exterior design, features that make life easier

In the new Ford Puma, the low and sloping roof line, the shoulder line that rises from the front to the back and expands to the back, brings a dynamic and strong appearance. The horizontal two-piece taillight design not only offers a wider rear view, but also facilitates luggage access and use.

The new Puma draws attention with its ergonomics, innovative approach and comfort in its interior design. The removable and washable front and rear seat covers offered depending on the equipment help keep the interior of the cabin as clean as the first day. While the front seats offer lumbar support for greater comfort, increased wheelbase, vehicle height and the front seat design with a slim backrest allow the living space within the New Puma to increase. In addition to this dimensional growth, the Openable Panoramic Glass Ceiling design provides a spacious indoor environment.

Smooth and flowing lines running along the side of the body get a more dynamic and lively appearance with the concave formation between the front and rear tires on the lower body. The dynamic and sporty stance is complemented by stylish details such as the front grille design, ST-Line body kit, 18 '' inch alloy wheels and LED fog lights, while a unique look emerges with the extraordinary LED headlights positioned above.

Best luggage in its class in the New Ford Puma with Ford MegaBox

The New Puma, which has the best luggage volume in its class, has a high usable luggage volume of 456 liters. Developed to meet customer needs, Ford MegaBox creates a deep and versatile storage area. This additional storage space also offers an additional 763-liter luggage space, 752mm wide, 305mm long and 80mm high. With this area, it is possible to put a load of 115 cm in the trunk, for example. In addition, it is easy to increase the loading area with the flat floor by tilting the rear seats. Luggage functionality is supported by the luggage floor that can be set in three different positions and Ford Smart Tailgate technology, a first in this class.

Introducing the best luggage space in the class with 456 liters, the new Puma reveals the next step of Ford's human-oriented design philosophy with design details that are taken into consideration by pet owners. Luggage functionality is supported by the luggage floor that can be set in three different positions and the Ford Smart Tailgate technology, a first in this class, while the luggage area with a special drain plug can be easily washed.

Ergonomics, innovative approach and comfort are at the forefront in Yeni Puma, which has extraordinary interior details.

The smart 12.3 ″ color digital display presented for the first time in Ford models with Kuga has a design language integrated with the vehicle dashboard to create a perfect continuity with the interior. The information is displayed in high resolution using intuitive icons that are easy to read and the color and layout of the information changes according to the selected driving mode. The priority of the information to be displayed can be determined. Another innovation in the center console is the 8 '' color touch screen and SYNC system offered as standard with its input equipment, while this feature meets the users' need to be connected with their phones and to drive safely with the wireless charging unit offered in the 'St-Line'. .

Impressive fuel economy and more savings than conventional internal combustion engines

While entering a new era where more environmentally friendly and hybrid electric vehicles are preferred, Ford Puma is keeping the future alive in this direction. Available in new, forward-thinking, advanced EcoBoost hybrid petrol engine options, Puma delivers outstanding performance as well as impressive fuel economy and significantly lower CO2 emissions than internal combustion classic engines.

In the EcoBoost Hybrid technology, the small-volume gasoline engine supports the electromotor. An integrated starter / generator (BISG) with a power of 1,0 kW is connected to the Puma's 11,5 liter EcoBoost petrol engine. Replacing the conventional alternator, BISG converts the kinetic energy generated instantly into electrical energy and uses this energy to charge the air-cooled lithium-ion battery. BISG also engages to support the three-cylinder petrol engine with added torque at normal driving and acceleration, using stored energy. With the contribution of additional torque, the 155 PS version carries 5,6 lt / 100 km * fuel consumption and 127 gr / km CO2 emission emission value (99 gr / km and 4,4 lt / 100 km NEDC).

Up to 50% more torque usage and faster throttle responses

Thanks to the additional torque value provided by BISG, the system offers up to 50 percent more torque at lower speeds. Thus, a smoother and more performance ride is obtained. Auto Start-Stop technology, which restarts the engine in just 300 milliseconds, contributes to fuel economy.

According to WLTP norm, the 125-liter EcoBoost gasoline engine with 1.0 PS power achieves 138 gr / km CO2 emission and 6,1 lt / 100 km fuel consumption (110 gr / km and 4,95 lt / 100 km according to NEDC norm). This engine can also be combined with a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. Ford, a first in the industry in both 1.0-liter EcoBoost and EcoBoost Hybrid engines, has a cylinder shut-off feature in a three-cylinder engine. This feature closes or re-activates one of the three cylinders in just 14 milliseconds when power is not required.

Advanced safety and comfort technologies

Acquiring 5 stars from Euro NCAP, Ford Puma is controlled by 12 ultrasonic sensors, three radars and two cameras. The data obtained from all these systems are used to facilitate the driver's life and establish a safer ride both during driving and during parking and maneuvering.

The new Puma brings improved driving support systems, an easier, less stressful and safer driving experience. Equipment such as Adaptive Cruise Control System, Traffic Sign Identification System, E-Call and Lane Tracking System with stop-and-go feature provides less stressful and safe driving in both highway and stop-and-go traffic.

The 180 degree angled rear view camera, the first in a B segment Ford, offers the opportunity to see pedestrians, cyclists or other vehicles passing behind the vehicle earlier. The Blind Spot Alert System (BLIS) with Cross Traffic Alert not only warns the driver about vehicles in the blind spot, but also warns the driver about vehicles that are about to pass behind when reversing. If the driver does not react, the system can brake automatically.

The Anti-Collision System with Active Brake detects people close to, on or on the road, and helps the driver to prevent or reduce the impact. The Secondary Collision Brake technology, which comes into play after a possible collision, activates the brakes after the first collision, preventing a possible second collision. The Emergency Maneuver Assist system uses radars and cameras to detect vehicles that are slower or about to stop at city and highway speeds and adjusts the steering support to support the driver's obstacle maneuvering.

The new Ford Puma is waiting for its customers at Ford Authorized Dealers with the recommended turnkey sales price starting from 192.500 TL.


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