Covid-19 Standard Comes to Schools

covid standard is coming to schools
covid standard is coming to schools

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank announced that the work initiated to continue face-to-face education in schools has been completed. Announcing that a protocol will be signed with the Ministry of National Education in this context, Varank said, “The protocol aims to carry out educational activities in a“ Reliable, Controlled, Sustainable and Hygienic ”environment.” said.

TSE's field experience; Pointing out that the recommendations of the experts of the Ministry of Education, the decisions of the Ministry of Health Scientific Committee, are combined with the criteria published by UNESCO and OECD, Varank said, “Our final output; Developing Hygiene Conditions for Educational Institutions became an Infection Prevention and Control Guide. ” spoke in the form.

Explaining that the certification of the Personal Data Management System (ISO / IEC 27701) standard has been started within the scope of the Law on Protection of Personal Data, Varank also stated that they have also conducted the training and certification of people performing security tests on cyber security. Varank said, “Since 2014, we have been granting the White Hat Hacker - Penetration Test Specialist Certificate. So far, we have given 788 certificates in this field. ” used expressions.

59th Ordinary General Assembly of Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank and President of TSE. Dr. It was realized with the participation of Adem Şahin. Noting that critical steps were taken during the Covid-19 pandemic process, directly touching the markets with TSE and promoting continuity in production, he noted:

411 COMPANY SAFE PRODUCTION CERTIFICATE: We prepared a guide on the measures to be taken to protect the health of employees in the manufacturing industry and to ensure continuity in production. We started to issue COVID-19 Safe Production and Safe Service Quality Certificates to the companies that implement the measures we recommend. While 411 companies have received Safe Production Certificate, 39 companies in the services sector have received Safe Service Certificates so far.

PROTOCOL FOR FACE TO FACE EDUCATION: We are excited to take a new step. The works we started to continue face to face education in our schools have been completed. We will sign a protocol with the Ministry of National Education. The field experience of our institute; We gathered the recommendations of the Ministry of National Education experts with the Ministry of Health Scientific Committee Decisions and the criteria published by UNESCO and OECD. Our final output; Development of Hygiene Conditions for Educational Institutions became the Infection Prevention and Control Guide. The protocol that we will sign is aimed at carrying out educational activities in a "Safe, Controlled, Sustainable and Hygienic" environment.

INTERNATIONAL STANDARDIZATION: The most critical role TSE plays in country development is related to standardization activities. In order to be an effective actor in this process, the goods and services you produce must comply with international standards. Today, 80 percent of the world's commodity trade is affected in some way by the standards. International standardization is inevitably one of the top priorities for all countries.

COMPETITION POWER: In global competition kazanThe way to do this is to create these standards rather than complying with the standards. We attach great importance to the participation of our country in the standard setting processes. In this context, Turkish Standards Institute; It continues its activities in order to increase our competitiveness, facilitate trade, and guide in setting standards and other compliance services.

OVER 50 THOUSAND DOCUMENTS: We guarantee quality and safe production with more than 50 thousand documents we give to industrialists. In addition to the services we provide at home and abroad, we facilitate the work of our exporters through international agreements. We open the way for our manufacturer in export with the documents we provide. These documents are accepted worldwide with TURKAK accreditations. It provides the transportation of the exports to the target markets without wasting time at the customs.

COUNTRY DETERMINING STANDARDS: In the upcoming period, we will make our country one of the countries that set standards with TSE. In this context, by establishing committees with our industrialists; We will participate more actively in international standardization processes, mainly technology standards.

20 THOUSAND PRODUCT DOCUMENT: TSE is approximately every year; It audits 20 product certificates, 4 management system certificates and 30 Service Proficiency Certificates. It documents the technical competence of approximately 30 thousand people with its training programs. It carries out more than 100 thousand surveillance-inspection operations, and organizes more than 85 thousand experiment-calibration reports and over 300 thousand documents in the field of transportation-logistics.

FIRST ACCREDITED COMPLIANCE ORGANIZATION: We also actively contribute to the activities of the Institute of Standards and Metrology of Islamic Countries (SMIIC). TSE became the first accreditation assessment body accredited by the Halal Accreditation Agency according to SMIIC standards. This situation; It is extremely important in terms of both the services of the Halal Accreditation Agency in Islamic countries and the effectiveness of our accredited Institute.

TRADE WILL BE EASY: Thus, with the mutual recognition agreements that Halal Accreditation Agency will make with its counterparts, the necessity of companies to obtain documents from different institutions will be eliminated. In this way, trade between Islamic countries will be easier. With this step we take, we want to be the world leader in eliminating clutter in halal accreditation and setting standards.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES AND CYBER SECURITY: Another area in which we operate is the testing and certification services we offer in information technologies and cyber security. Within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law, we started the certification of the Personal Data Management System (ISO/IEC 27701) standard. It also provides training and certification of people who perform security tests on cyber security, experts trained in this field come to our country. kazanwe are raising. For this purpose, we have been giving White Hat Hacker- Penetration Testing Expert Certificate since 2014. To date, we have given certificates to 788 people in this field.

CERTIFICATION OF DOMESTIC PRODUCTS: TSE has been authorized as a material certification body for the certification of domestic products to be used in the construction of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant. We also carry out surveillance and inspection procedures for the construction plan. Today, few countries in the world have competencies in the field of nuclear technology. With the inclusion of TSE and our related institutions, nuclear technology is transferred to our country gradually and in a planned manner. The domestic contribution rate is increased gradually.

65 YEARS OF OWN: As the Ministry; We will provide all kinds of support to improve the technical and administrative infrastructure of TSE and to increase its competitiveness with its counterparts. It is unique in our nearby geography; We rolled up the sleeves for the construction of a new campus that includes state-of-the-art laboratories and a technical training base. Works for the Temelli campus continue at full speed. The experience, experience and competence that TSE has accumulated in 65 years will be carried to higher levels with this campus. TSE will become one of the most active organizations and most important players of our region.


TSE President Şahin stated that they have evaluated what can be done within the framework of the measures to maintain production since the first day of the Covid-19 epidemic, and that the Covid-19 Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control Guide, which includes hygiene practices and control recommendations for protecting the employees, visitors, suppliers, maintenance personnel of industrial enterprises. he reminded.


Explaining that the certification model has been developed for shopping centers upon the demand from the sector, Şahin said, “The guide we prepared with the Ministry of National Education for schools and educational institutions has been completed. After the protocol you will sign, our certification activities for schools will also start. ” used expressions.


Noting that the standard has been prepared for the masks that stand out as the most effective measure to protect against the Covid-19 outbreak, Şahin added, “By opening the standard in question, we have been a guide for both the manufacturer and the consumer. While giving our producers the keys to reliable and hygienic production during and after the epidemic, we also provided free access to all relevant standards. ” spoke in the form.

TSE President Şahin presented the Ministry of Industry and Technology TSE COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate to Minister Varank after the speeches. For the first time, a Ministry has been certified with the TSE COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate.

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