SASTOP Delegation Asked When Island Train Schedules Will Start

sastop delegation asked when the island train service will start
sastop delegation asked when the island train service will start

Sakarya Civil Society Organizations Platform While the passenger quota is removed due to the pandemic and as many passengers are transported as the number of passengers in the car, the High Train continues its flights, but why the Island Train will not be treated the same, it will be taken out of service and when the Island Train will restart its journey to eliminate its grievances. They asked. SASTOP invited deputies to the task to resolve this issue.

On behalf of SASTOP (Sakarya Civil Society Organizations Platform), Island Train Commission Delegation SASTOP Moderator Co-Chair, TURABDER (President of European Union Sakarya Branch) Lawyer Önder Döker, TKGD (Social Solidarity and Women's Development Association) President Hülya Lüleci and Sakarya Cycling and Outdoor Sports Association Chairman Şefik Akar visited TIRD Adapazarı Train Station Director Kadir Karaman in his office and consulted.

In the new phase of the pandemic process, they asked him to remove the passenger quota due to the pandemic in public transportation vehicles and carry as many passengers as the number of passengers in the vehicle, while the High Speed ​​Train continues its flights, but why the Island Train will start its journey again to eliminate its grievances. .

Adapazarı Station Manager Kadir Karaman said the following in response. 'I am aware of the suffering of the people in this regard, but we act according to the instructions coming from the General Directorate of TCDD. Except for High Speed ​​Train, other trains are not working in our country. We, as Adapazarı Train Station, are waiting for the news that will come to us ”.

On behalf of SASTOP, Moderator Co-Chairperson Lawyer Önder Döker said that we are sending a petition to the Adapazarı Station Manager to convey it to the authorized upper authorities. He also submitted the petition and the detailed report that clarifies the current problem in the appendix.

The explanation is as follows;

'As SASTOP, they are their voice on behalf of our victims and we want to make our voice heard through our distinguished press. Working minibuses, buses, planes, high speed train etc. Why is cheap and healthy transportation not provided? Why does the Ministry of Transport, TCDD and Transportation Company remain silent about this victimization? We address all authorized institutions and individuals who should address the issue to resolve this problem. We invite Sakarya Governor, Metropolitan Mayor, General Directorate of TCDD and all Sakarya Deputies to the task to find an immediate solution to this problem and to urgently eliminate the suffering of the people! ' (The Medyab)

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