Safety Comes Above All at UZMAR

safety comes first of all
Photo: Kaptan News Agency

Since its establishment in Turkey's major ports and terminals in the Tug and performing pilotage services uzmar's Director of Operations Capt. Ersan Gürgül said that they are competent to respond to emergency situations such as fire and marine pollution as well as pilotage and tugboat services.

Exp is approaching Turkey's most modern and most powerful maritime fleet with ships of all types and tonnage and 24 hours of uninterrupted departure, mooring, giving backup services. UZMAR Operations Manager Ersan Gürgül said that they started the piloting service in Çanakkale Akçansa Port for the first time in 1986 and they are still providing pilotage and tugboat services as an authorized agency. Kaptan Gürgül said: “Besides, we provide guidance services in the regional service area of ​​Aliağa Nemrut Bay, which is one of the largest port regions of our country, and tugboat services in the Ambarlı and İskenderun regional service areas, '' said Captain Gürgül.

''We have a certificate of authorization under the law for emergency response ''

Gürgül said that they are authorized to respond to possible emergencies in ports other than Pilotage and tugboat, which is the main area of ​​UZMAR. With the duties assigned by our maritime administration, we intervene in emergency situations, which may occur in ships and coastal facilities, in case of emergency, 7/24, when necessary. We have an authorization certificate within the framework of Law No. 5312 in terms of preparedness and response to marine pollution in emergencies.

'' We have the most advanced and powerful tugboat fleet of our country ''

Emphasizing that the necessity of the latest technology tugboats and boats is inevitable in order to overcome the density in the ports, Gürgül continued as follows; '' Safe ship maneuvering areas are restricted due to the large size of ship sizes and tonnages that are frequented by our ports. In addition, due to the new refineries and facilities built in recent years, dangerous cargo ship traffic such as large tonnage crude oil, LNG and LPG tankers and other product tankers have increased. It is only possible to do port entry-exit and berthing-departure safely in narrow spaces of these ships with tugboats equipped with high-tech propeller systems with high maneuverability. In this respect, I can say that as UZMAR, we have the strongest tugboat and boat fleet of our country with the most advanced technology. ”

'' Beybaba Captain Altay Altuğ taught us to give the sea what we got from the sea ''

Ersan Gürgül stated that they are proud and happy to have reached a very privileged organizational experience and specialization level in the pilotage and tugboat services they have been providing for 1986 years without interruption and focused, and said: '' With the accumulation of years, our 'safety at sea' based organizational safety culture has become our strongest aspect. We continue to work towards this goal together with our management, who is our heritage, who aims to give the sea what it has received from the sea, the captain Altay Altuğ, the founder of the maritime industry, and invest in it. We are never satisfied with the level we have reached, we constantly strive to improve and go forward. By sharing our knowledge and experience with our other stakeholders, we strive to perfect the common and total safety culture. ''

Source: Captain News Agency

Günceleme: 30/07/2020 12:48

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