TANOK Laser Guided Missile Tests Developed by ROKETSAN Continue

missile laser guided missile tests developed by the rocket
missile laser guided missile tests developed by the rocket

With the TANOK Missile developed by ROKETSAN, the need for laser-guided anti-tank artillery ammunition by the Turkish Armed Forces will be met. Developed as an innovative option for traditional artillery ammunition used in tanks and other barrel firearms, TANOK offers a high efficiency, precision and cost-effective solution on the battlefield.

Defense Turk According to the information obtained by the TANOK system is still under development and its tests are ongoing. ROKETSAN official stated that the design of the laser seeker head to be used in the TANOK laser guided missile, as in other systems of ROKETSAN, belongs to ROKETSAN.

TANOK Missile, developed by ROKETSAN, can be fired both portable and land vehicles thanks to its design, thanks to its low weight and non-damaging launch engine, in addition to meeting the needs of the laser-guided anti-tank artillery ammunition of the Armed Forces.

System Features

  • Disposal from Tanks Without the Need for Any Additional Installation
  • Highly Active Performance Against Moving and Standing Targets with Semi-Active Laser Guidance
  • Side and Top Hit Modes
  • • Event Against All Armored Threats and Pillboxes with Armor-Piercing Tandem Warhead


  • Diameter: 120 mm
  • Length: 984 mm
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Range: 1 - 6 km
  • Seeker Header: Semi-Active Laser Seeker Header
  • Warhead Type: Armor-Piercing Tandem
  • Target Type: Heavy / Light Armored Vehicles
  • Platforms: Tank, Land Vehicles

Source: defenceturk

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