KOLIN Construction Has Made The Lowest Bid For Poland's S19 Express Road Tender

Poland's lowest proposal for bidding tender choline construction
Poland's lowest proposal for bidding tender choline construction

📩 21/11/2021 14:52

While 19 companies submitted bids for the design and construction works of the section of the S11 Express road between Białystok West and Białystok Księżyno, which will be built by the Polish State Roads and Highways Administration, the lowest bid was submitted by KOLIN Construction for approximately 142 million USD.

The approximate price of the tender, the bids of which were collected, was specified as 180 million USD. The project, whose evaluation process is planned to be completed in autumn, is planned to be completed in 2022 by completing the permits and design works, and to be completed in 2024.

The project includes 2 × 2 road construction, railway crossing and intersection constructions.

You can find all exhibitors and their offers in the table below;

1 KOLİN İNŞAAT (Turkey) 142,1 million
2 BUDIMEX (Poland) 146,2 million
3 STRABAG (Austria) 150,0 million
4 POLAQUA (Poland) 156,3 million
5 ALDESA CONSTRUCTION (Poland) 156,3 million
7 MOTA ENGIL (Poland) 160,6 million
8 PORR (Austria) + UNIPEB (Poland) 166,2 million
9 PRZEDSIEBIORSTWO (Poland) 180,3 million
10 NDI (Poland) + NDI SOPOT (Poland) 182,0 million
11 MOSTOSTAL WARSZAMA (Poland) 182,6 million

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