Nevşehir Castle and Kayaşehir Opened to Tourism

nevsehir castle and kayasehir opened tourism
nevsehir castle and kayasehir opened tourism

Nevşehir Castle and the world's largest slope settlement center around the castle were opened to tourism with a magnificent ceremony attended by Kayaşehir Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy.

The ceremony, which was organized due to the opening of Nevşehir Castle and Kayaşehir for tourism, was held in Nevşehir Castle.

Speaking at the night hosted by famous radio programmer Melih Kurtuluş, Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy started his speech by congratulating the 66th anniversary of the city of Nevşehir.

Ersoy: “This city is one of the most special regions of Turkey and the world, with its cultural texture and immense richness at the historical point of civilizations. As a matter of fact, today, a unique cultural asset in the world has a place in the tourism of the country. kazanWe are together for the occasion. Nevşehir Castle and Kayaşehir are starting to welcome their guests with a new face after the cleaning and arrangement works.” said.

Stating that the archaeological, cultural and historical admiration of Kayaşehir was noticed in 2010 during the cleaning of settlements around Nevşehir Castle and within the framework of the data obtained, they started working with Nevşehir Municipality by declaring the region as 2014rd Degree Archeological Site in 3. Ersoy continued his words as follows;

“Based on the findings, scientific data are expressed as to the fact that this region may be the largest underground settlement in the world. In this regard, the site limits of approximately 44 hectares by our Ministry; 73 buildings and areas were registered in total. In addition, this region was declared a renewal area by our President on 7 January 2020. With the cleaning works carried out on an area of ​​120 thousand square meters, which was determined as the first stage, 9 elevations of three terraces were completely exposed. The Monastery and the Byzantine Church built in the 6th century were unearthed in these areas. In addition, military, religious and social living areas such as waterways, rock carved graves, sacred places, ventilation chimneys, souvenirs, tunnels, food stores, large and large stables, workshops and shelters were determined from the town of Gore to Nevsehir. A total of 12 historical artifacts, together with 708 nozzles and 270 candles, were sent to the Nevşehir Museum.


“Nevşehir Municipality has carried out an admirable cleaning and arrangement work under the supervision of the relevant units of our Ministry, and the area has reached its present position. Of course, we evaluate other very valuable monumental structures of the region together with this. Restoration plans are being made for the Virgin Mary Church, Greek bath and Damat İbrahim Pasha School, known as the Çanlı Church, and restoration works are currently ongoing in the Damat İbrahim Pasha Complex and Kurşunlu Mosque. Anatolian soil continues to generously share with humanity the countless memories it has accumulated as a full and complete witness of human history. We also bring these values ​​to our country. kazanWe are working day and night in order to preserve it, share it with the whole world, protect it and pass it on to our future generations. I believe that as long as we fulfill our duty properly and our people consciously protect and protect these values, Turkey will always go to the top in the field of tourism and culture, and it will be a guide on the way to the future while illuminating the past of humanity with its unique history, just like in Göbeklitepe. Nevşehir Castle now has a very different identity with Kayaşehir. kazanThe region has become a serious attraction center. I would like to thank the Mayor of Nevşehir, Mr. Rasim Arı, and his colleagues for their meticulous work. “

Governor İnci Sezer Becel said, “Cappadocia has made a great contribution to Turkey's tourism with the visits of 2019 million 3 thousand domestic and foreign tourists in 834. As of today in our city kazanNevşehir Castle and Kayaşehir, which has been reconstructed, are a new destination for our region. kazanwill stop. Such a beauty to Nevşehir kazanI would like to thank Rasim Arı, the mayor of the city," he said.

Such a beautiful place in Nevşehir, CHP Deputy Faruk Sarıaslan kazanHe thanked everyone involved in making it happen.

AK Party Deputy Violet Turkey's most important tourist destinations of the Cappadocia region, which is one of the centers of this newly opened centering on with more tourists, said he believes welcomes Nevsehir no longer resort, along with district and provincial center of tourism said that the brand has become a city.

In his speech, Mustafa Açıkgöz, who thanked Minister Ersoy and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his contributions in the establishment of the Field Presidency, which this region needs for years, said, “It contains both underground cities and rock-carved warehouses and underground and fairy chimneys, balloons, valleys and overground beauties. our Nevsehir Turkey's Cappadocia region and pupil. "he said.


Mayor Rasim Arı thanked Minister Ersoy for his support in the cultural and tourism activities of Nevşehir and the Cappadocia region.

Stating that he believes that Nevşehir Castle and Kayaşehir, which opened to tourism on the 66th anniversary of the city of Nevşehir, will make serious contributions not only to the regional tourism but also to Turkish tourism, Arı said: “Last year, the city's share in tourism was zero. was. We stated that we would initiate a tourism move in the city in order to increase this share. For this, we had a very nice instrument like Kayaşehir. Here, we started an intensive work to increase the tourism mobility in our city by using this instrument. Thank God we took the fruit of this today and we opened Nevşehir Kalemizi and Kayaşehir to tourism by making them special. This region, known as the biggest slope settlement center in the world, will make important contributions not only to our city but also to the regional tourism and Turkish tourism. Currently, only in the first stage, we are preserving the historical texture of the region and opening a part of it to tourism. We are doing a serious investment planning and work with our architects for the second stage. If we can grow, we will start at the end of the year in the second phase. This emerging work was created with the contributions of each of our nurses who wanted the city to develop, grow and move forward. We have created this beauty not only by us as a municipality, but by our deputies, bureaucrats, politicians, non-governmental organizations, the press and our people. This is the beauty that unity brings out. I thank everyone who supports this beauty. ” spoke in the form.

After the speeches of Nevşehir Governor İnci Sezer Becel, AK Party Nevsehir Deputies Yücel Menekşe and Mustafa Açıkgöz, CHP Nevsehir Deputy Faruk Sarıaslan and Nevşehir Mayor Rasim Arı, the opening ribbon of Nevşehir Castle and Kayaşehir were cut by Minister Ersoy and the participants.

Meanwhile, the Ferman Akgül concert, which was planned to be held due to the opening of Kayaşehi and the 66th anniversary of the city of Nevşehir, was canceled due to the fact that two soldiers were martyred in an attack on a base area in Çukurca district of Hakkari.


Ersoy, who came to the city for the opening ceremony of the historical rock-carved slope settlement “Kayaşehir”, examined the Cappadocia Area Presidency building before the ceremony and received information from the Deputy Director of Culture and Tourism Cengiz Ekici.

Later, Minister Ersoy, who passed to Nevşehir Municipality, was welcomed here by Mayor Rasim Arı and his assistants.

Rasim Arı conveyed information to Ersoy about the work done in Kayaşehir, which will be opened to tourism in the evening.

After the visit, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, who also made a study in Kayaşehir, visited Çanlı and Virgin Mary Churches with the golf tool used by Mayor Arı.

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