National car TOGG's local charging unit unveiled

national car toggun domestic charging unit appeared
national car toggun domestic charging unit appeared

Turkey's national car chargers tOGGer's showcased. The prototypes of the charging units that will be produced in Erzurum since September are introduced. After the production of the units begins, stations will start to be established all over the country.

The charging units of the National Automobile TOGG, which was introduced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on December 27, 2019, are also starting to be produced. Charging units will be produced as of September at the factory established in Erzurum for approximately 5 million dollars. The prototypes of the charging units that will be produced in partnership with BEB 3D Design and GERSAN Elektrik were introduced. The design and software of the units, which are produced XNUMX% locally, draw attention. In the first place, the units will be produced in two types, station type and house type.


In the factory built on Erzurum - Pasinler highway, 250 people are expected to be employed in the first place. After the production process, which was postponed to September due to the pandemic process, domestic charging units will be installed as stations throughout the country. until 2023, the charger is expected to be anywhere in Turkey.


GERSAN Investment Coordinator Ensar Temur said in a statement on the subject, saying that the devices are 2016 percent local, “We decided to produce charging units in 15 when our company realized that electric cars would be on the market. At that time, we met with AK Party Former Erzurum Deputy Mustafa Ilıcalı. He made a request for us to manufacture these charging units in Erzurum. We decided to do this project here. In the first place, we will work with 250 people and then XNUMX people here. We produce XNUMX% locally. We completed our work in Istanbul. If our President comes here at the end of September, we will have a serious opening with him. We produce a national and local charging unit, and our engineers are also Turks. Now electric vehicles will be more fore. In such vehicles, it will attract attention because of the low malfunction and the low fuel price. ”


Noting that the charging units will be produced in two types, station type and home type, BEB 3D Design company owner Hakan Şahin said, “We produced two types of device. These devices will be both station type and home type. Fully remote controlled devices. It is specially designed for new vehicles that can be updated continuously. In the near future, these charging units will appear everywhere. We follow the whole world. We update ourselves accordingly. For this, our friends are abroad. Is one hundred percent produced in Turkey charger. When local cars came out in 2023, these stations should be everywhere. The domestic automobile has increased not only our speed, but also demands from all over the world. Because if the Turks in the world produce electric vehicles, they say that they also manufacture the unit. This project was decided to be carried out in Erzurum under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. ”

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