Mut Karaman Road is Paved, Transportation of both Workers and Manufacturers is Relieved

Mut Karaman road is asphalted and transportation of both worker and manufacturer has been relieved
Mut Karaman road is asphalted and transportation of both worker and manufacturer has been relieved

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues its road construction, maintenance and repair works in rural neighborhoods, which are the heart of agricultural production. Metropolitan Municipality, which stands beside agricultural production with its projects, continues to open the way for the producer, the agricultural worker who goes to work and the tradesmen who sell products to the field with the road construction works it carries out.

Transportation of producers, workers and tradesmen is made easier with 24.3 kilometers of asphalt work.

Within the scope of the rural areas, metropolitan teams have recently completed 24,3 kilometers of asphalt paving on the neighborhood roads that connect Mut district to Karaman, used by the producer, tradesman, agriculture and factory worker.

The teams affiliated to the Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department, which performs asphalting work on the connection roads used for transportation to rural neighborhoods and agricultural areas located 220 kilometers from Mersin, 6 kilometers on the group road of Göksu Mahallesi, 11 kilometers on Narlıdere-Karaman road, Yıldız- A total of 4 kilometers of asphalt paved roads, 2 kilometers on the group road of Topluca-Hacınuhlu Mahallesi, 1,3 kilometers on Gençali Mahalle road and 24,3 kilometers on Kızılalan Mahalle road.

The manufacturer's products reach the market and factory workers' work in less time

With the completion of the works carried out with 4 combi boilers, a bucket, a dozer and 10 personnel, the producers in the region started to deliver agricultural products to the markets for sale in a shorter way, while the service route of the workers from Mut to Karaman to work in factories was shortened.

50-kilometer road Metropolitan's work shortened by 20 kilometers

Expressing that they are 220 kilometers away from the center of Mersin, Narlıdere District Headman Hacı Ali Kahraman stated that they always use the road 50 kilometers away from Karaman's neighborhoods. Drawing attention to the fact that they had to use the Alahan Neighborhood road to reach Karaman before the study was done, Muhtar Kahraman stated that the transportation to Karaman was shortened by 20 kilometers with the asphalting of the road.

“It is admirable to start the services in essential points”

Pointing out the importance of the asphalting work, Kahraman said, “Our road, in which the asphalting work is done, is used by 11 villages, although it is only within the boundaries of our neighborhood. Due to the market established in Göksu Mahallesi, there are tradesmen coming from Karaman. The service, which carries workers working in factories in Karaman, uses this route. This road is working so hard that we have been waiting for this road to be built for years ”.

Adding that Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer is providing services even to the most remote points in Mersin and that they are pleased with them, Kahraman added, “It is admirable to start the services at the essential points here. I would like to thank our President for these works and wish good and long life. ”

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