Mordoğan, Foça and Urla Ship Expeditions Started

Mordogan Foca and Urla Ship Expeditions
Mordogan Foca and Urla Ship Expeditions

The 2020 summer season of Foça, Mordoğan and Urla cruise lines organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality IZDENIZ General Directorate started with the journey made today. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer made a pleasant journey with the holidaymakers by boarding the Mordoğan-Foça ship that departed from Konak Pier to Güzelbahçe.

Foca, Mordoğan and Urla, which mainly serve daily vacationers, by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of IZDENIZ, started today. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer was among the passengers of the first flight of Mordoğan-Foça, which attracted great attention. Mayor Soyer, who got on the 08.40 ship from Konak Pier, where he came with his bicycle, was especially attracted by children and young people. With passengers sohbet President Soyer also wished the crew of the ship an auspicious journey. Mayor Soyer, who received information from the captain Emrah Yener by boarding the Atilla İlhan ship, said, “Today we are making the first cruise of Konak-Mordoğan-Foça cruise lines. "I wish you an accident-free trip." Mayor Soyer landed at Güzelbahçe Pier due to his busy schedule. İZDENİZ Chairman of the Board Prof. Ufuk Tutan and İZDENİZ General Manager İlyas Murtezaoğlu were also accompanied.

250 passengers boarded the first Mordoğan-Foça voyage with Atilla İlhan. Holidaymakers reached Mordoğan and Foça after a pleasant journey. Mayor of Karaburun, Ilkay Girgin Erdogan welcomed the passengers at Mordoğan Pier by giving them a carnation.

Flights weekends Karşıyaka-Konak-Güzelbahçe URL A; Karşıyaka-Konak-Mordoğan-Foça and Konak-KarşıyakaIt is built on the Foça-Mordoğan routes.

Departure and arrival times

Karşıyaka-Urla ship; 09.15't to Karşıyakadeparts from Konak at 09.30; He leaves Güzelbahçe at 10.15 and arrives at Urla at 10.45. The ship, which departed from Urla at 21.00 on the return, was in Güzelbahçe at 21.30, in Konak at 22.15 and at 22.30 Karşıyakahappens in.

Karşıyaka-Foça ship; 08.25't to Karşıyakadeparts from Konak at 08.40; It is approaching Mordoğan Pier at 10.10. It leaves here at 10.30 and arrives at Foça at 11.10. The ship that left from Foça at 18.40 on return, at Mordoğan at 19.20, at Konak at 21.00 and at 21.15 Karşıyakahappens in. Konak-Mordoğan ship; From 08.25 at Konak, at 08.40 Karşıyakaleaves from; It happens in Foça at 10.20. It leaves here at 10.30 and arrives at Mordoğan at 11.10. Departure from Mordoğan at 18.40. Foça in 19.20, Konak in 21.10, 21.25 KarşıyakaArriving at.

Fee schedule

Karşıyaka- The flight price for the single trip is 20 TL, Karşıyaka-Foça trip fee is determined as 25 TL for one-way trip, and Konak-Mordoğan trip fee is 25 TL for one-way. Validators will refund the passengers at the intermediate piers (Mordoğan - Güzelbahçe) at certain rates. The flights will be paid for all passengers, including citizens over 65 and free card holders.

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