Who is Mihrimah Sultan?

Who is mihrimah sultan
Who is mihrimah sultan

Mihrimah Sultan is the daughter of the Ottoman Sultan Süleyman I and his wife Hürrem Sultan. He was born in 1522 as the first child of the Ottoman Sultan Süleyman I and his wife Hürrem Sultan after Mehmed. Two years after the birth of Mihrimah Sultan, Hürrem Sultan, the other child of Suleiman I, who would replace him after his death, II. He gave birth to Selim.

Mihrimah Sultan Youth years

In 1539, at the age of 17, she was married to Diyarbekir Beylerbeyi Rüstem Pasha. The wedding ceremony was celebrated with feasts at the Horse Square with the circumcision wedding of his two younger brothers, Bayezid and Cihangir. After this marriage, Rüstem Pasha became the grand vizier and served as the grand vizier between 1544 and 1561, except for a period of 2 years. From this marriage, a daughter was born in 1541. Later, in 1545, Murat Bey gave birth to Mehmet Bey.

Mihrimah Sultan had a lot of say in state affairs throughout his life. It is even said that he promised to build 400 ships with his own money to persuade his father to organize flights to Malta. Like his mother Hürrem Sultan, king of Lehistan II. Zygmunt made correspondence with August. He had a great fortune. Between 1540 and 1548, Mimar Sinan built a large complex in the Üsküdar district of Istanbul, consisting of the mosque Üsküdar İskele Mosque, madrasah, primary school and hospital. In addition, between 1562 and 1565, Mimar Sinan built the Mihrimah Sultan Mosque and its complex, consisting of a mosque, fountain, bath and madrasah, in the Edirnekapı district of Istanbul.

After her mother died in 1558, she played the role of mentor to her father that her mother had played. His brother, who succeeded him after his father died in 1566, II. He continued his consultancy throughout Selim's reign. Since their mother Hürrem Sultan had died, she almost played the role of a Valide Sultan for her brother. Mihrimah Sultan in 1578 her nephew (brother's son) III. He died during Murat's reign and was buried next to his father in the tomb of Süleyman I in the Süleymaniye Mosque.

Mihrimah Sultan
Mihrimah Sultan

While he was played by Özlem Çınar in the television series Hürrem Sultan, produced in 2003, he was played by Pelin Karahan in the Magnificent Century series published between 2011-2014.

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