Mars 2050: Habitat Idea Contest Kazanmoments revealed

mars habitat sparring contest kazanmoments became clear
mars habitat sparring contest kazanmoments became clear

In cooperation with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Bursa Technical University, the "Mars 30: Living Space Idea Contest" with a total award of 2050 thousand liras, which deals with the subjects of "space architecture and exoplanet urbanism". kazanmoments determined.

In many areas firsts in Turkey, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Bursa Technical University took a project by signing the name will be talked about a lot of cooperation. The "Mars 30: Living space idea contest" with a total of 2050 thousand pounds, which deals with the subjects of "space architecture and exoplanet urbanism", was completed with intense participation. In the competition, in which the subjects of space architecture and exoplanet urbanism were discussed, it was aimed to give product to the new field of activity on research, design and construction of environment, resource and habitat probability in new generation vision and project fields such as Mars and other celestial bodies. Interesting ideas emerged from each other in the competition held in two categories: student and professional. 29 people in the student category and 18 people in the professional category participated in the competition. Assessment and Coordination Responsibility The jury, made by the lecturer Ersan Koç, determined the works that ranked in both categories.

Professionals category

Keremcan Yılmaz and Erdem Batırbek came first in the Professional category, while Ekin Kılıç and Ceydanur Katmer came in second, and Merve Çengel and Onur Ertaş came in third. In the professional category, the work of Özlem Demirkan, Huriye Önal and Uçman Tan was awarded the first honorable mention, the work of Mertcan Tonoz, Büşra Kavcar and Mehtap Ortaç was awarded the second honorable mention, and the work of İrem Ercan and Talha Member was awarded the third honorable mention. Also in this category, the works of Selin Sevim and Ayşe Büşra Öneş, and Ecenur Sezgin and Berfin Ekinci deserve to receive an incentive award. kazanwas.

Student category

The right to receive 6 co-achievement awards and 2 incentive awards in the student category. kazanideas were determined. Accordingly, the project of Mine Dilmaç and Yaren Müge Arı, the project of Berca Kavani and Envercan Vural, the project of H.İbrahim Yılmaz, H.İbrahim Han, Özgür Yeşilçimen, Hüseyin Emir Aydemir and Şevval Çoksaygılı, Göksu Eda Yılmaz, İsrafil Taşlıbeyaz and Yiğit Dağlier's projects and Arman Assylbek, Muhammed Eker and Ömer Faruk Korkmaz's projects were deemed worthy of the co-success award. In this category, the projects of Muhammet Emin Çelik and Yaşar Şekeroğlu and the projects of Osman Çaputçu and Ecem Doğan are also eligible to receive the Incentive Award. kazanwas.

The right to receive an award in the competition, where a total of 30 thousand TL cash prize will be distributed. kazanSince the ceremony will not be held within the scope of the corona virus measures, the awards of the authors will be sent directly to their bank accounts.

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