There Will Be No Traffic Problems in Malatya

No Traffic Problems in Malatya
No Traffic Problems in Malatya

With the Mainland Boulevard, which has been brought to completion by Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, the traffic density on the ring road will decrease significantly. Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan stated that Anayurt Boulevard, which has reached 15 kilometers, brought relief to 35 percent of traffic.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan and AK Party Provincial Chairman İhsan Koca together examined the second stage works on the side of Özsan Sanayi Sitesi of Anayurt Boulevard, the first stage of which was opened to traffic.

Giving information about the work done, Mayor Gürkan said: “Homeland Boulevard covers a 15-kilometer axis, the route. Our friends continue their efforts to connect the boulevard to Sivas Road and Ankara Asphalt via Sanayi. Here we have 50 meters wide intersection work. In this context, wall works are being done, I hope this place will be completed in a short time. ”

There will be no traffic problems in Malatya

President Gürkan, noting that only the Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department is the construction site in 83 centers across Malatya and said, “Besides these construction sites; If you think that our Park Gardens, Science Affairs apartments, MASKI and other investor units are on the field, all our citizens will witness the services of our Metropolitan Municipality in every corner of Malatya ”.

Stating that the drivers entering the Station Junction have the opportunity to provide their transportation in a short time without any problems regarding the connection to Ankara asphalt and Sivas road, President Gürkan made the following statement:

“With the opening of the Motherland Boulevard, the traffic on our east-west, which is the only axle available, has decreased by 35 percent. So traffic was relieved. We are also starting our alternative road work in the meaning of South. I hope he will bring 10 percent relief. Afterwards, around 15 percent of comfort will come from the works that will be carried out with the northern belt next year. And when 15 percent comes from the northern ring road, there will be no traffic problems in Malatya. In other words, I want to state that transportation and traffic, which is the first problem of Malatya, will hopefully decrease to the lowest level at the end of 2022. ”

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