The Opening Date of Amusement Parks and Thematic Parks Has Been Determined

The emergency date of the funfair and thematic parks has been determined
The emergency date of the funfair and thematic parks has been determined

To the 81 Provincial Governors of the Ministry of Interior Precautions Regarding Amusement Park and Thematic Parks sent a circular about.

Circular, the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic by the new type of coronavirus you (Covid- 19) and the circular sent to the governor before in order to prevent the spread in Turkey Theme Parks and Thematic Parks It was reminded that the activities of entertainment facilities such as temporarily stopped.

In the period of controlled social life, it was stated that in addition to the general principles of fighting the epidemic, cleaning, mask and distance rules, as well as the measures to be taken for each field of activity / business line, it was stated that they were reactivated.

In this context, as well as the 02 July letter of the Ministry of Health, the Outbreak Management and Work Guide Measures to be Applied in Amusement Parks and Thematic Parks said to be added.

It was noted that amusement parks and thematic parks can start their activities by following the rules stated in the circular, provided that they are not mobile (operating only in one place in 06).

In the circular, the measures to be followed in amusement parks and thematic parks are listed as follows:

1. Outbreak Management and Work Guide reported in a letter prepared by the Ministry of Health. Precautions Regarding Amusement Park and Thematic Parks The precautions determined in the title will be implemented completely.

2. Necessary measures will be taken to ensure that visitors comply with the rules of cleaning, mask and distance.

3. Entries and exits will be arranged in a way to prevent contact with people. At the entrances, visitors will be taken in sequence, and the areas to be stopped in line will be marked in accordance with the social distance rule (at least 1 meter).

4. The start and end times of entertainment breaks in theme parks and thematic parks will be planned to be different from each other to prevent crowd.

5. Staff will be trained on Covid-19 transmission routes and measures to be taken against virus protection.

6. Recreation areas, restaurants, cafes and other businesses within the amusement park and thematic parks will operate subject to circulars and measures related to their sectors.

7.The coronavirus officer (s) of the enterprise will be assigned, who will be responsible for the implementation of the measures to be taken against the Covid-19 epidemic and will be in communication with the audit teams.

Necessary decisions will be taken by Governorships / District Governorates in accordance with Articles 27 and 72 of the General Sanitary Law to continue their activities according to the rules listed in the circular.

It will be ensured that the amusement parks and theme parks, which will start operating in line with the decisions of the Provincial / District General Hygiene Boards, will be inspected at least once a week. An administrative fine will be imposed in accordance with Article 282 of the General Hygiene Law for those who do not comply with the measures, and action will be taken in accordance with the relevant articles of the Law depending on the situation of violation. Necessary judicial proceedings will be initiated within the scope of Article 195 of the Turkish Penal Code regarding criminal acts.

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