Pre-Feast of the Sacrifice in Turkey Country General Practice was held Peace Trust

halloween victims already in the country turkey confidence to apply general peace was performed
Photo: Ministry of Interior
In order to ensure that the Eid al-Adha period passes in an environment of peace and security by the Ministry of Interior Security General Directorate, Gendarmerie General Command and the Coast Guard Command units, making the presence of security forces visible to the citizens anytime and anywhere, especially criminals, especially the public order, terrorism and narcotic events. simultaneously across the country to deter those who are intent, to capture wanted persons, and to capture evidence of crime. Turkey Peace Trust Application It was performed.
  • Between 09:00 - 13:00 before and during the Feast of Sacrifice, the park-garden, bank-cash dispensers and the places where the sale and slaughter of the sacrificial animal are checked for suspicious packages and the suspicious people on the avenues, streets and streets opened to these routes and as a road application for vehicles,
  • Shopping centers (shopping malls), fair and event areas, public buildings (Governorate, school, hospital) where our citizens are concentrated by teams including selective personnel who can perform target-oriented risk analysis (15 + 00) between 18:00 - 4:1. etc.) on the roads opened here with their surroundings,
  • Between 20:00 - 23:00 on public transportation stations, stations / ports, bus terminals / terminal entrances and airport routes, as well as shopping malls (shopping malls), electronic game rooms, internet cafe, entertainment venues and public places and their surroundings ( 62.095) with staff and (214) detector dog (5.539).
Turkey Peace Trust (2020-9) on the application; 590.705 The person was questioned, 1.473 people searched for various crimes were captured, 5 missing people were found, including 49 children. While 1.650 people were judicially and administrative, 87 people were detained.
Simultaneous implementation throughout the country, 179.225 the vehicle was checked, 5.289 vehicles were processed. While 594 wanted vehicles were detected in the application, 538 vehicles were banned from traffic.
Within the scope of the application, 3.472 abandoned buildings were checked. 27.942 public workplaces were audited. 115 public places were processed, 4 businesses were closed. In practice, a large number of weapons and a large number of drugs were seized.

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