Culture, Art and History will roam the Truck of Turkey

Culture, Art and History of Turkey will roam Truck
Culture, Art and History of Turkey will roam Truck

Culture, art and history trucks consisting of "Gezen Cinema", "Truck Theater", "Çanakkale Wars Mobile Museum" and "Traveling Library", which will travel around Anatolia within the scope of the "Traveling Culture Festival" project realized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ankara CerModern ' It was sent off with a ceremony held in.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said that they aimed to bring cultural and artistic activities to the feet of the citizens within the scope of the "Traveling Culture Festival" project carried out by the Ministry's General Directorates.

Minister Ersoy said, “In the first place, we are sending off 'Truck Theater' to Erzincan, the first tour stop. He will go on a tour that will last 25 days in 57 provinces and 50 districts, especially in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia. Our theaters in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Trabzon will exhibit their performances, which mainly include children's plays. ” used the expression.

Minister Ersoy stated that “Gezen Cinema Truck”, which was launched last year, will continue to work in the provinces and districts that do not have cinema in order to bring the cinema to the feet of children.

“Our other culture truck is 'Çanakkale Wars Mobile Museum Truck'. Although more than 100 years have passed, the spirit of Çanakkale Wars and National Struggle is still in us. Our goal is to make these feelings come to the next generations, to our children in an environment where they can feel this spirit in the best way possible, even if they cannot come to that area, we take them to their feet. Our Canakkale Wars Trailer Truck Mobile is starting to circulate in Turkey as of today. Our target is to provide 81 thousand active contacts in 100 provinces. ”

Expressing that there are 100 libraries affiliated to the Ministry, Minister Ersoy said that they have implemented the “Mobile Library Tool” to bring libraries to places where there are no libraries in their province and district, and they have put 860 more “Mobile Library Vehicles” into service.

Minister Ersoy said, “Our Mobile Library; By going to Kocaeli, Amasya, Şırnak and Batman, they will meet our people, especially children. The important thing is to bring the culture and art activities to our people in every environment. In this context, the Traveling Culture Festival was a very correct concept. We will continue to improve the content of this festival over time and continue to deliver it to our people by adding many activities to this festival. ” he spoke.

Minister Ersoy watched the children's play titled “Parrot Runs” staged in the Truck Theater after their speeches and examined the Culture Trucks and received information from the concerned.

The program was attended by Deputy Ministers of Culture and Tourism Ahmet Misbah Demircan and Özgül Özkan Yavuz, General Manager of State Theaters Mustafa Kurt, General Manager of Fine Arts Murat Salim Tokaç, General Manager of Cinema Erkin Yılmaz, General Manager of Libraries and Publications, Hamdi Turşucu and many others.

Truck Theater Departs

Trucking Theater, which started today by the State Theater, will meet with the children until 1 July in the provinces and districts determined after the “Wizard of Oz” play, which will be staged by the Trabzon State Theater in Erzincan on 11 July.

Later, Izmir State Theater "Adventures of Lamb Parsley" between 13-23 July, Ankara State Theater "Golden Girl" between 25 July and 2 August, and Istanbul State Theater "Turte Undergrowth Forest" between 5-18 August, respectively, are the provinces of the tour. and will meet children in the districts.

These representations will be held free of charge in open spaces determined by the governorships.

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