Konya's Emektar Tramways are coming to the sun again!

veteran trams of konya are coming to the sun again
Photo: Twitter Uğur İbrahim Altay

German-made trams, which bear the burden of Konya for years and have been replaced by new trams, return to the streets of Konya again. President Altay announced on his social media account.

Trams, which came to Konya from Germany in 1992 and carry the burden of the city nearly a quarter of the time, return to the streets of Konya again.


Konya first met the tram 113 years ago. The horse-drawn trams brought by the Grand Vizier Avlandian Feritpaşa to Konya became the first trams in Konya.

The horse-drawn tram, which serves today in the part of Konya known as the bazaar center, had 30 kilometers. The trams that served until 1930 were removed from service after this date.


Using the first modern tram in Anatolia, Konya made its first experience in 1992 with the trams brought by the mayor Ahmet Öksüzler.

Again, the mayor of the time, Tahir Akyürek, sent the new trams to Konya. kazanand donated German-made trams for use in Sarajevo. Instead, Skoda brand new model trams are brought to Konya. kazannagged.

The remaining of the trams, which reached 51 when their numbers were removed from service, were kept in the hangars of the Metropolitan Municipality for a long time.

Uğur İbrahim Altay, who resigned as mayor after the presidential elections and who was deputy chairman instead of deputy Tahir Akyürek and is elected as the mayor in the March 31 elections, is getting ready to claim the city's history.

President Uğur İbrahim Altay, who is known to have projects about trams associated with Konya, shared the first completed tram with his followers on his social media account.


President Altay, who has been renowned for giving importance to bicycles and bicycle paths as well as bicycle projects since his inauguration in Konya, occasionally takes a tour in the city by bicycle.

It is only a matter of time before President Altay dresses one of Konya's old trams as bicycle tram and takes them to Konya streets.

President Altay, who does not give information about exactly how the tram will be used, as well as the exterior surface of which was painted, also shared the first images.

Source: Konya Hakimiyet Gazetesi

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