Kaan16 Assault Boat Sets World Record at Full Load

Kaan16 Hucumbot
Photo: DefanceTurk

"Kaan16", developed by ONUK firm, broke a new record. The world record was broken by reaching 16 knots (76,4 km / h) at the full load test with the Kaan141,50 sudden response boat.

Onuk MRTP16 Sudden Response Boat is an improved version of Kaan 01 class ONUK MRTP15 Sudden Response Boots of Turkish Coast Guard Command with ONUK KO-15 deep V boat form. ONUK KO-02 boat form has been developed on ONUK KO-01 form which has been tried to be used.

ONUK Kaan / MRTP16 boats have been developed to meet the increasing operational needs of the navy and naval security forces for the control of land waters and coastal waters. Operational capabilities, maintenance and living standards have been increased with the use of machine systems developed in boats and general layout arrangement.

Kaan16 / MRTP16 assault boat is actively used by Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia coast guard units.


  • Length / Width: 17,75 m / 4,19 m 1,30 m
  • Maximum Speed: 70+ knots
  • Engine: Diesel, 2 × 1200 kW
  • Range: 300+ nautical miles
  • Weapon System: Aselsan Stamp
  • Fuel Tank: 2.800 lt
  • Drinking Water: 350 lt
  • Number of Employees: 5


Source: defanceturk

Günceleme: 28/07/2020 14:59

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