The Good News of Izmirians ..! The tender date for Çiğli tram has been announced

The tender date has been announced for Izmir trailers
The tender date has been announced for Izmir trailers

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is implementing one of the important investments that will breathe in the city traffic. Karşıyaka-Cigli on July 11 for the construction of the 28 km Çiğli Tram, which will serve between bidwill go to.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is adding a new one to its rail system investments in line with the goal of bringing public transportation to contemporary standards. The tram line, which has become one of the important elements of environmentally friendly, economical and comfortable public transportation in Izmir, now extends to Çiğli. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which acted upon the approval of the Presidency, which is expected to go on the construction tender of Çiğli Tramway, has completed the tender preparations. The tender announcement has been published for the construction of the 11-kilometer Çiğli Tram, which will breathe Çiğli traffic and facilitate transportation to the hospital, university and industry in this region. In the tender to be completed in two stages, prequalification tender will be held on 28 July. After the evaluations, companies will be sent an invitation for the second stage. The construction of Çiğli Tram, which is planned to start at the end of the year, will be completed in 2 years.

14 Will Be a Station

cigli tram route and stations
cigli tram route and stations

Most of the 14 km route, which will consist of 11 stations, is planned as a double line, passing through the central refuges of the existing streets and roads. Karşıyaka Çiğli Tram, which is the continuation of the Tram, Karşıyaka Starting from Çevreyolu Station, it was planned to serve the Ataşehir, Çiğli İstasyonaltı Neighborhood, Çiğli İZBAN Station and Çiğli Regional Training Hospital, Ata Sanayi and Katip Çelebi University and Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone. In addition, transportation from Ataşehir to Mavişehir İZBAN station will be provided by tram line. The connection bridge, which is approximately 500 meters long, will pass over the ring road. In addition to the tram line, there will be pedestrian and bicycle routes on the bridge.

Tram Line Will Rise to 32,6 Kilometers

2017 kilometers in 8,8 KarşıyakaWith the introduction of the 2018 km Konak line in 12,8, tram became one of the most important elements of public transportation in İzmir. With the introduction of Çiğli Tramway, the length of the tram lines in İzmir will reach 32,6 kilometers.


The environmentally friendly, fast and comfortable transportation model that will reduce the carbon emission in the city has become stronger with the tram. Thanks to the public transportation investments that Metropolitan Municipality focuses on minimizing fossil fuel consumption in urban transportation, thousands of extra cars are prevented from getting into traffic and polluting the air every day. Each passenger can carry enough passengers to fit on 3 buses at once.

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