Izmir's Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar is in the Orange Circle!

Izmir's historical kemeralti carsisi in the orange circle
Izmir's historical kemeralti carsisi in the orange circle

The Orange Circle certificate issued by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to the enterprises that meet the hygiene and health standards is also becoming widespread in the historical Kemeraltı bazaar. The historical bazaar, especially the businesses in Havra Street and Abacıoğlu Han, started to turn orange.

The Orange Circle practice, which was launched in order to facilitate the adaptation of the enterprises in İzmir to the normalization process after the pandemic, is becoming widespread. The Orange Circle certificate issued by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to food and beverage and accommodation facilities that meet hygiene and health standards has started to increase in the historical Kemeraltı bazaar. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “Kemeraltı, one of the oldest open air shopping centers in the world, will be one of the tourism locomotives of Izmir. We attach great importance to the spread of the Orange Circle practice, which aims to show that İzmir is a safe tourism destination, especially in the historical Kemeraltı market. ”

Famous Cheese Production in Havra Street-Edip Tepeli and his sons and Altan Manisalı-Manisalı Food Industry, Ayşa Bosnian Pastry and Home Cooking at historical Abacıoğlu Han, Your Art Lounge and Kemeraltı Cuisine, Billur Meat Restaurant and L'agora Old Town from historical artisan restaurants Many places in the historical bazaar, especially Hotel Izmir, are now in the Orange Circle.

“They eat by getting in there”

Nazi Karadan, the owner of Ayşa Bosnian Borek and Home Cooking, said that with the pandemic, people's habits have changed, “People were hesitant to find a reliable place. The Orange Circle implementation of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was very positive in this respect. Our customers, who have seen the Certificate of Orange Circle, now eat inside and thank us. We have already met most of the hygiene criteria. We have also introduced some additional measures to get the certificate. For example, before the epidemic, everyone from the buffet was getting their own food. Then we took that part into the closed glass, we distribute the food ourselves. ”

“I recommend all businesses to apply”

Erdal Tepeli, the second generation in Meşhur Peynircilik, which has a history of about 60 years in Havra Street, said, “We heard the Orange Circle certificate from the press. We made our application immediately for the peace of mind of our customers. We have already met the hygiene criteria since the outbreak started. We have separated our entrance and exit section, everyone who works is wearing gloves, all of the products are packaged. We received the Orange Circle at the end of the evaluation. We are proud. I recommend all businesses to apply for an Orange Circle. ”

The number of businesses participating in the Orange Circle reached 122 across Izmir.

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